Never mind, error

Never mind, nothing to see here.

Cool, contender for ‘Most pointless thread’ prize this year :slightly_smiling:

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Absolutely right. You can join me on the podium when you accept your “Most Unnecessary Harrassment of an Unfortunate Idiot” award.:wink:

Whoa guys lets not get mean here. Clearly the dr drove the tardis into a place that did not have a problem and it is not river’s fault that the doctor had no idea who the face of bo was when they first met. Also just remember that the air from a timelord’s lungs is very precious.

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We’re not being mean. @Jainus was just giving me a hard time for my mistake and I was giving him a hard time back. Spoilers!

Cry a river :sob:

You can keep your hat on.

Just havin’ fun :smiley: