Nerfing Dragons

You nerfed Kerberos.
So when can we expect nerfing dragons ?
Can some1 give me a tip how to defeat teams like:
-the dragon soul
-shadow dragon

give me a break

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Dragon Cruncher
Infernal King


again, new traits, new souls to upgrade - weeks of grinding
and i thought that the game should be fun

You wanted a tip, didn’t you?


I didnt said that the tip is wrong, did i ?

So you want to make a team that can beat dragon teams, but you don’t want to get the traitstones or souls for it? Looks like you are stuck with what you have.

And for the provided team, you would only really need first trait on Dragon Cruncher and all traits on Mercy (arcanes were last week’s glory so you may have some). The other traits are just extra to have, though I would start with Dragon Cruncher’s impervious trait (3rd) since it will allow for him to not get entangled by Sylvanimoria.


i dont think expecting to have one team as solution against all kinds of enemy teams is reasonable

and if troops developing and team building is not fun to you then im surprised how come you like this game :thinking:


I just dont want to make new team once a week.
Nerfing one will make other troops OP.
Now every second team i enounter is made of dragons.
Earlier there were goblins. Some time later, Emperor Khorvash, apocalypse troops etc.
Nerfing one leads to making other far too strong. So whats the point ? Its not balancing at all.
Do i have to grind almost 24/7 to be in game, to be able to contest ?
I get it that hardcore palyers will have advantage but i want to have at least a tiny chance to compete.
In last 7 days i encountered a team which killed my in 2 rounds !!! I know its an abberation but you get the picture where is this game heading.

just a bit of whining because the game gets less and less fun

See… This thread is a perfect example of why i wanna smack people and say “WAKE UP AND SMELL THE RUDDY BUGFLIPPER” too many people get upset about losing and rather than figure out “what can i do to improve” and in this particular case actually complain that its no fun to improve they would rather the troop or troops that beat them get nerfed…

I wanna win but i dont want to put in the effort to get better because its far easier to go on the forums and scream for everyone else to get worse… Sounds like the mentality of young ppl these days…

I came in last place… Where’s me bloody trophy?


what platform do you play on?

if its console i would suggest get one unit that freezes the enemy (i cant test it since i never played on console but from what i read they get it rought with all the extra turns console ai gets so if you freeze them that would improve your situation then you could focus on the actual strategy how to take the team down)

what platform are you on?

…this isn’t a feature request btw.

DragonSoul is very hard to beat if you are low level - all dragon teams deal 20 AoE damage and you only have about 20 hp. It really needs its scaling sorting out. At the end game, it’s fine.

Krystenax is the only dragon that really needs a little nerfing - its damage numbers are higher than anything equivalent, and it gets a summon too

still none of these are unbeatable without a bit of time investment and tactics.

PS: a loop team will allow a low level player to beat almost anything at any higher level - they can’t blast you down etc if they never get a turn.


Why does Kerberos not work anymore btw? Are you hitting shielded enemies?
You could try a fully traited kraken instead of kerberos then, as he breaks the shields…

it would help if you can provide more info like what level you are, are your kingdoms leveled or starred etc. because that could help determine whether you are early, mid, or late game. from what i remember, some teams are effective depending where you are in the game. dragons are almost non-threatening for me late game.

usually i use khorvash team to deal with dragon team because of the mana drain and stun. dragons you listed use heavy mana and fantastic traits.


Look at all GW defense teams that use Krys because its so OP. Oh wait, none use Krys.


This kind of request can just grow and grow if your not interested trying other teams. Wouldn’t it be easier just to list the 4 Troops you like to use, and request the developers Nerf the other 300+ troops into the ground?


I for one am glad for this thread for one reason… It is the proverbial straw that has broken the equally proverbial camals back.

Expect a rant thread from me in a bit when i get some time to assemble it… Fair warning

Dragon team is only powerful against lower level players due to high damage AOE.

Mid game players might struggle a bit too but end game players should have no trouble against them.


@mixer I believe we might just have different definitions for fun.

Winning without effort - is not fun for me.
… A win I didn’t earn - is not fun for me.

You wouldn’t believe, but being able to build teams to each occasion is the most fun I’m having in this game. And I’ve already created and tested over hundreds of teams - and I’m still going with each change and Bonus Stats week. And I love it.

I’ll say it frankly. I honestly believe you misunderstood the game for something it is not.

P.S. I’m 95% sure this thread was created in order to went a little. Which means we all will be awaiting you back in-game :beer: Don’t stress it that much. The game feels better in late-game content.


Humility absolutely destroys the dragon teams. They all do AoE damage so the scaling from the passive gets nuts. Teams like 3x Humility + Draak are silly good.


The definition of OP cannot be defined by “useable by the AI”. People set their defense teams to allow for the best chance for the AI to stumble into a win.

Krystenax is a little too powerful for the attacking side. I use it in a good majority of my teams. If tacet can run 4x Krys on Blue and Green days and win with ease, then it might be a little too powerful.

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