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Nerf of Storms? (aside Doomstorm)

In the 3.5 patch note it’s written that:

… so only Doomstorm should have been nerfed.

But recently, I’m playing a class with a “start the battle with a Darkstorm” talent, and I’m surprised that I don’t much more Purple gems than other colors… when I used an exploder…

Is it an untold nerf (i.e. storm don’t apply after explosion)?
I’m the only one seeing that?

Example before and after explosion:

when ai explodes on a storm 3rd of the board turns that color not when i do it though xD

maybe the game program codes not be able to individually change each Storm drop rate.:roll_eyes:

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Well it is still only a chance increase for refilling gems to be of the storms colour, so it can be any number of refilled gems of that colour by chance, even less than any other colour or none at all.
Going by my personal Infernus Firestorm experiences i’d say regular storms are the way they were before, with the storms colour appearing significantly more often on average with varying degrees per refill event.

Ill throw my name into the conspiracy hat that Red Storm works fine but Purple Storm has been working worse than normal

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