Nerf bandit! 😡

it is 100% not 50% I just lose it all the time because of that.
every fight spawn minimum 5+ its very bad and make no fun really.


Pro tips: kill hero first

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you are funny
he have stealthy or barrier its not easy.

What is the team that give you so much trouble?
Did you try to use ubastet? He is really usefull in these situation he can kill 2 troop at once

i dont play with ubastet he is not good for my attack team.
in general, the bandits are annoying.
no matter which team you play

Well you know there is over 400 troops in the game? If you always use the same team over and over you will face some team harder to beat. You have to adjust your attack team depending of your opponent lineup

This game is like rock paper scisor, if you don’t use the good tools you will have trouble


what do you want to do, for example, against dragon eye?

Pick any of the 2 other battles. Yet to see 3 dragon eye teams at same time.

Like i said it depend of enemy line up but if they use the current console meta

Deep borer
Dragon eyes

I dont care about DE he is not a problem, yeah might be annoying but he is not the one who will kill you

So i kill highforge first then they got 2 color changer and 1 transform troop

Just try to kill every other troop befote DE, he will probably tranform you 4-5x but who care you got a fresh troop every time

this transform is bad he crashed your team and then you have a loooooong playtime with this DE team and he have a barrier and you will lose or win with 5% luck in 5 min. WOW

Try to use

Hero divine protector

You refill hero quick then hit highforge
Then if uba full you kill highforge + deep borer or gimlet

Now only 2 troop left, you attack the weakest with hero again and finish with uba or infernus. It take 1 min and game over and no luck needed

You also can use a poison troop like eurialy or webspinner with scorpius and then instakill hero + highforge then refil scorpius and kill the 2 other

Wow Ricky you really believe that you leave a barriered enraged DE till last, are you trying to protect your whole guilds pvp teams?

Like i said it depend of the team but the example i said the only treat is highforge so you kill him and it’s game over

Btw i don’t use DE so not defending anything, just tired to see everyone asking for a nerf when they hit a wall.

Maybe you just not using the good team so try other combinaison. I would understand people complain when we only had 50 troops in the pool but now we got over 400 so if something doesn’t work try something else it’s not that complicate imo

I don’t agree with nerfing anything, I just thought your advice to ignore DE was nonsense.

Can DE kill you? No he only tranform you over and over it’s not big deal 6 mana and you come back as a random dragon, so yeah ignore DE in this particular team

There is general consensus that the summoning of Bandits is a very annoying thing to confront. As you’ve pointed out, it’s usually in the 2nd or 3rd slot so it’s hard to get through to it and it’s often barriered when you do. As it sits, we have to deal with that.

That means you have a few choices.

You can skip those battles. If you’ve got auto-scout this is easy. If you don’t… well, it’s faster to retreat than it is to lose so just do that. Yes, that’ll hurt your win/loss record, it is what it is.

You can switch your team. You mentioned Ubastet isn’t good on your team, but if you’re here it’s likely true your team isn’t good vs. Bandits. If an Ubastet team is good vs. Bandits, well, it’s best to use that.

Other good troops include ones that can either cherry-pick targets or shred barriers. Infernus is good for fighting teams with barriers. Ketras the Bull, Megavore, and Pharos-Ra are good snipers for picking out a specific troop.

That’s really it. I preferentially use a Yao Guai team right now, it has trouble with Bandits if the summoner gets a little lucky. I loop reliably enough that’s only about 1/10 battles or so, and it’s only a major problem if the hero happens to have Dragon’s Eye. So if I’m not in the mood to mess with shenanigans, I’ve been skipping Dragon’s Eye battles. I’ve got a Ketras team that’s a little more reliable vs. this team in particular, but less successful overall, so I tend to stick with my one thing.

@Maczenith im such a rebel i killed DE the last, i was so in trouble it was scary


So uh… tell me how you instantly kill Highforge and Gimlet with Scorpius then? I am genuinely curious. Go on.

Oh and, Dragon’s Eye CAN kill you if you are low enough and it casts. The destroyed gems take priority over the transform meaning enough skulls = death. Furthermore, the former divine meta team, while it still may work, if that eye works and changes Infernus before you can destroy the board then trouble arises then similar with Ubastet.

OT: Bandit summon trait is incredibly annoying to fight with no real way to attack the hero with it’s Stealthy or Barrier spam. It gets irriating after a while when a bandit has 10 backups with him. If the Bandit’s were Common and Level 1 with no kingdom buffs then it would be a lot more manageable than it is now.

Running the same team will inevitably run into trouble from time to time. Use what’s required for that battle, it’s as simple as that or just skip those particular fights :+1: