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Need Skadi Help & Some General Gameplay Questions

Skadi question:

So. Skadi won’t be exclusive anymore in a few hours.

I blew all my gems on 63 VIP chests, 1500 Glory Keys and 4000 Glory on Glory chests and around 400 gem keys. Also used almost all my guild seals on the 20k chests for the minuscle chance, but eh.

So I am literally left with nothing and I have no Skadi. The reason I wanted Skadi so badly is because I feel she might be good for me. But I’m not sure. My PVP team is Khorvash/Valkyrie/Ysabelle/Mab. Skadi’s icestorm seems very, very useful to me to help Khorvash and Ysabelle out, but I am not sure if replacing Mab with her would be smart in the first place since I have no exploder in the team. I obviously need Valkyrie too much.
I got some money for Christmas and could buy more gems to try for Skadi. But I am absolutely unsure if she’s worth it. Of course I could wait until I can craft her in the forge, but I wanted to get Famine or Plague next.

Basically I’m looking for a support for Khorvash and Ysabelle (these two are my favourite characters and I want to make their team better). Valk and Mab are doing fine, but I’m not sure if Skadi would not be superior.

Gameplay questions:

I’ve seen so many people here saying they have all troops by now and I am wondering how in the world that is possible. I had saved every single key and gem since Worldbreaker came out (who came out early, so I got even more than “usual”) and didn’t get Skadi since it’s obviously luck. But there’s a new mythic every month, so it’s not possible to save up more keys (well, maybe a few more through treasure hunt). Do all people here who have (almost) all mythics spend hundreds of bucks or how do you guys do it? The soulforge is still pretty new, after all.

I honestly don’t see how it’s doable with RNG involved… true, I haven’t gotten anything from Legendary Tasks when it comes to mythics yet and am still collecting guild guardians (so my guild chests suck). But I just don’t get it. Am I doing something wrong? Are people not trying for the exclusive mythics with VIP chests and just open those whenever to get more mythics for the collection or something?

Also I’ve seen people have 300k+ Glory in screenshots. I’m happy if I make 8-10k a week to buy the new troop (and Arcanes) with. How in the world are you guys doing that?

I guess I’m still playing the game very wrong?

To answer the Skadi question:

Personal opinion, you can’t go wrong with troops with automatic storms every turn.

I’ve put Umberwolf to great use, and Skadi has some good uses as well. I managed to use her in 4 of 5 Purple day GW battles last week.

My favorite combination for Skadi so far is Nyx/Azura/Skadi, but she can do pretty mean things in other teams compositions.

In your EK/Valk/Ysabelle/Mab team, Mab is probably better, but then I’d replace Ysabelle for Skadi given the choice.

Skadi isn’t what I’d call a must have tier 1 mythic. She’s more of a tier 2 has great potential troop. She’ll only get better as more blue troops release. (Like I’d recommend Famine over Skadi, but I’d recommend Skadi over Plague)

I spent over $700 worth of resources (200 VIP Chests, 790 Gem Keys, 34K glory, and about 1,000 glory keys) before getting one… So, depends on your luck or if the game hates you or not.


Thanks for the extensive reply!

Well, if Mab is in my team better than Skadi, then I should probably save my money. Replacing Ysa is nothing I would consider doing since, well, my whole idea behind Skadi is making life better for Ysa. :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting that you consider Famine as so much better than Plague; Plague is one of my nightmare troops to fight while Famine is pretty okay to deal with. I will keep that in mind, though!

And wow, so many resources! Would you mind sharing how you saved up so many? Did you skip Worldbreaker, bought most of them or whatever? I am aware it’s all RNG, I just am so confused how people can save up so many keys since there’s just so many the game gives you each week for “free” when maxing guild tasks. Do you play treasure hunt all day or something?

How long have you been playing Sheba? Anybody that owns all troops at this point have most likely been playing for years so don’t feel bad. You are doing the right thing only opening chests during exclusive mythic week.

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WB took all my glory keys, and most of my gem keys. Then I joined a top guild, the type that completes a lot of Legendary Tasks. Those started to add up pretty quickly across the weeks.

(Then the kicker: a guildmate completed a LT and got a Worldbreaker, so now I have 2. Yay?)

As for gems, I was sitting on those for awhile, usually the Mythics haven’t been majorly gem intensive yet.

I refuse to do Treasure Hunt. I don’t find it that fun, the resource payout isn’t worth the time spent, and the weeks that require TH are asanine. 2,500 turns of TH in one week for someone that isn’t in love with the game type is a quick way to turn a person off to it indefinitely.

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I’ve been playing since… I think August 21st? But I have only been in a guild who manages to do all the weekly things since around two and a half months (game says 81 days). Even so, though… with mythics coming every week, there’s no way to save up more than what I saved up since Worldbreaker, is there?

How many LTs does your guild do weekly? My guild usually gets around 8-10 done. No mythic drops there yet, though. Some legendary ones (like five?) since I joined, but nothing mythic. Usually just a few keys.

You just seem to be more lucky than me; I had to buy a lot of gems to get WB. Opened around 150 VIP chests, I think, until he finally dropped.

I liked treasure hunt a lot - in my early game weeks I basically only did battles to get maps. :stuck_out_tongue: These days, I cannot play anymore because of the background shining through and the particles, but if I could, I would still do treasure hunt. I actually hate the summoning weeks the most, with every week requiring PVP in second place. PVP is my nightmare. That’s how tastes differ, I guess.

Summoning events are kind of annoying, but they end somewhat quickly, especially if it can be done in explore. It becomes busy work, but with a definitive end and progression based rewards.

PvP ones are usually some of the easier ones (unless its something silly like killing Stryx in PvP only) as the latest ones have been very lenient (like kill x amount of red troops). I believe they can be done in casual and you can just use your favorite pvp team to blitz through most of them.

As for Famine vs Plague…

Console Famines on defense tend to charge overly quickly. After that, it drains all of your teams mana and a good portion of the time kill off one of your troops.

I find Plague to be relatively harmless, as its skill isn’t targeted, poison isn’t major, and disease wears off pretty quickly. It has good traits, but it isnt enough to win the battle.

As for LTs done per week, I’ve lost track. The only thing I can remember is that the most common task completed typically rewards 8 Gem Keys. (and I find it silly that Event Keys only reward 4, which isn’t scaled compared to the rest of the LTs).

I don’t find myself too lucky though, some people have gotten much better results. My 1st Mythic from VIP chests took 150 pulls… and it was a duplicate Death.

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I just hate PVP in general, the battles take so long. I spend all my free time in explore. This week - 500 PVP kills - was a nightmare and I only did it by refreshing casual over and over and over until finding Firebomb teams.

Honestly, Humility/Humility/Anariel/Plague is my nightmare. Famine is not impervious and with that easily taken out with Khorvash by stunning him and then just draining him. But Plague is impervious and in the most used setting with Humility and Anariel, it takes forever to get through the rest and by then, all my skills are at 0. Nah, I hate Plague (which is apparently why I want him).
I admit that the rest of the stuff (poison and disease) is pretty bad, though. Still, he knocks me out every time.

That’s odd, I haven’t seen 8 gem keys in LTs in forever. 4 seems to be the most, though a single gem key seems to be the most common scenario. I wonder if there’s a difference between PC and console?

My first mythic (save for the one from the Growth Pack i bought) came around level 1000 for me. :stuck_out_tongue: I definitely am not super-lucky. Admittedly, though, I pulled more than one out of 50 VIP chests when it finally happened, but that luck has of course left me again.
Guess I should take that sentence as a hint and not spend money on Skadi and just craft her next, maybe. I will skip trying for the next mythic troop in January in favor of the February one anyway, so I’ll see how two months of saving will help with my luck next, I guess.

Buying just 16-20 packs of any new troop (eg., Epic to Mythic/Mythic +4, Ultra-Rare to Legendary) and using discretion on whether or not you actually want more. Last time I calculated my average weekly glory gains even with near constant tribute collects and full seven stars was only in the low mid 10ks range. Being at this point for long enough will eventually give you more arcanes over what you need by such a wide margin that there is really no point in buying “extra”. If a troop is particularly bad and the stone is not needed (or you got a bunch of troops from attempting to get the legendary), just get a few of the troop packs. It piles up quickly when you aren’t spending it every week.

The closer you were to endgame (and the more your guild was earning) at the time Mythics were originally introduced, the more likely it is to even be possible to have every troop. Having VIP 5 for VIP chests and using extremely measured spending also helps. I’m not sure it is even possible for a complete free to play player starting now to even reach this goal without dozens of LTs per week and an almost permanent spot at guild wars number one - not because they didn’t but hundreds of dollars worth of resources (you can barely move the needle with any resource purchase), but simply because the lack of VIP chest access is a huge disadvantage when it comes to attempting to collect all mythics. Even with that, a 2-4 legendary task per week guild, 40k seals chests to use when mythics drop, and generally completing every weekly thing, some mythics end up costing an uncomfortable amount (eg., several months worth of earnings). Right now, I have thousands of glory keys, hundreds of gem keys, and about 31k gems and I feel like I could be arbitrary wiped out at any moment. I’ve set a spending cap at a certain percentage of my current resources on hand depending on how badly I want the mythic now in an attempt to avoid this, and thus far I’ve been… not too atrociously unlucky. I also alternate on which key type I’ll attempt to get the mythic with and try to save gems.

Skadi is… just okay. Her best quality is sending up a permastorm, which is arguably a legendary trait. She is great with Azura for example - when it works. Every storm is a double edged sword that can just get you killed if the enemy takes the turn with it up, especially if they have exploders and you haven’t frozen them yet. She could be seen as the “best” team rearranger, but that also comes with a 25 mana cost, which is pretty brutal if you really want something in/out of the first slot. The spell is in my opinion pretty average both offensively and defensively, but not “bad” because it partially covers both. The team setup you described would likely get more mileage out of cascading Valk to full so she can convert another color and feed everybody. An icestorm storm is more likely to mana starve Valk if you are backed into a corner and need to convert out yellow/red. Skadi is not a 100% replacement for Mab, particularly if you need to freeze something early on in a match (like goblins).

Plague is almost entirely defensive and Famine is heavily defensive and these generally make them not very fun to play IMO. If you like The Worldbreaker, I’d go for Infernus.

I honestly wouldn’t do this unless I actually wanted that particular mythic more than the past ones and I had begun to build up a collection. For example, my low level account has collected only three mythics and I don’t even attempt new mythics with it, generally just opening keys whenever. Since it gets so few keys, I’m not likely to get a mythic anyways, and the ones I really want I can just craft eventually. Sure, each one you have increases your chances of pulling a dupe, which is actually one of the worst feelings ever, but it also puts you on the path of miserly hoarding. Keep in mind for every mythic you are missing right now, even if you do get every exclusive here on out (which obviously you won’t, case in point), will take about two months of diamonds earnings to craft. If you need, for example, 15 mythics, and you are only opening random chests on exclusive weeks, you’ll need at least it will take you almost as long to reach a full collection this way as the game has existed. And who knows what the game will look like at that point.


  • Complete collection goals may not be realistic anymore for newer players (read: starting any time several months after mythics began being introduced). You might want to consider focusing on a handful of mythics you actually want (eg., the next one you might want to skip unless it gets buffed again).
  • extreme hoarding and careful spending over a very very long period of time will have you trending toward a full collection, but it will take months to years depending on what you still need.
  • Any major game economy shift (which has already happened twice in the last two years) could destabilize your careful plans and either impede or even completely prevent your long term collection goal. In other words, any plan you have now to try and reach a full collection will probably no longer be relevant by the end of next year. You should be aware of that while making any plan (or purchase).

My two cents - troops that drain mana and troops that mana burn are not a good pairing for obvious reasons. Especially, when they target the same troops.


You are doing pretty good so far Sheba.
But i believe that you are still on the road to get a fairly decent amount of Gems until you get more stars on your kingdoms in order to have better chances of collecting large amounts of tributes at once which will bring gems (Gems = Number of Kingdoms sending tributes - 1 Kingdom).

Then it’s all about how many kingdoms will send you tributes on each hour and how many times a day you can collect tributes.


If its in reference to Skadi, Skadi has a high amount of magic and has Arcane which gains 1 magic every time an Ally casts.

By the time Skadi starts attacking offensively, it doesn’t matter how much the opponent is holding, they’ll still take quality damage.

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Only if you’ve been casting like nothing else, in that case the troops should already be dead. :wink:

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I can see why you don’t like Humility, Humility, Anariel, Plague…

Your team of EK, Valk, Ysabelle, Queen Mab has no way to target Plague.

In this case, Skadi could move both Humility to the back row and let EK hit both Anariel and Plague. I’d still recommend a different team though for this battle.

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I only buy 16 packs, never more. But I don’t do PVP besides reaching Tier 1 because I hate PVP with a passion, so I guess I get less Glory than others.

I have VIP chests and spend weekly money on the special weapons and sometimes something else (I bought some stuff in the forge to get a mythic in time before reset and once bought a 50 bucks batch for the event keys). I have still no idea how to get so many keys, though… I also need usually around a bit more than a month to open 50 VIP chests again with gems if I don’t spend real money. I suppose not having a smartphone to check tribute every hour hurts.

Thank you for the long explanation! I will keep my money for now, then. I really just want more teams for Khorvash and Ysabelle… maybe I’ll go for Skadi in the forge then if I get a good exploder who can take Valk’s place.

I got the Worldbreaker and kind of never use him, to be honest. TDS is just so much better since he fills much faster and also gives me souls.

I have a few mythics so far - Draakulis, Yasmine’s Chosen, Stonehammer, Pharos-Ra, Worldbreaker, Aurora, Elemaugrim and Ketras. Two of them were crafted and the only one of them I really use is Pharos-Ra. I don’t know, I tried a lot with Yasmine’s Chosen and Worldbreaker (since those are the ones I traited fully besides Pharos) and they both aren’t that good even in teams specifically meant for them. I have much more success with my wonky Khorvash/Ysabelle-team which everyone tells me to change. :stuck_out_tongue:

I definitely want the Feburary mythic since I collect everything from Leonis and Sword’s Edge without caring what it is, so I will skip the January one for sure.

At any rate, thank you so, so much for the very extensive reply! This helps me out a ton! When I started the game, I just blew my keys whenever I got them and only started saving them for Worldbreaker - so two months ago - and with my success not very good (WB costing me everything, including real money, and Skadi now not liking me) I was just confused what the right thing to do is.

I have no idea how Mana Burn works since it can level the enemy even in the first turn when the enemy hasn’t had time to collect anything yet, so I guess I am just happily oblivious to that. :stuck_out_tongue: But yeah, Mab is in my team more for freezing than for anything else.

I have all kingdoms at at least five stars, around half have more. I just have no smartphone, so I can only check tribute a few times a day and not when I’m away from my computer (and I also forget a lot, to be honest).

Thanks for that tip! I will definitely remember that!
I have to seriously work on traiting troops… My traiting so far has been very selective on team combinations I wanted to try, so popular troops like Gorgotha are still untraited because I spent like three weeks grinding traitstones to trait Justice and Penguins to try to help Khorvash and Ysabelle (as well as some team tests for Yasmine’s Chosen and the usual Kraken team which both… actually suck a lot). I like farming traitstones and spend all my time in explore, but I am really wonky with traiting; I just end up traiting whatever seems like a good idea to me (“Oh, I should trait Amira for blue GW day… -grinds for days- oh wait, I have no idea how to use her yet since I lack the troops for a good team for her…”).

I’m basically not good at the game since I just have fun when playing with the troops I like and those are not the real meta guys, I guess, except for Khorvash. And I am also bad at making teams. I thought 3x Humility and Draakulis would be nice, but after farming all the traitstones for Humility, I found out it’s not. I am just… bad. :confounded:

Mana burn is basically doing damage equal to the mana the enemy has collected, and all of the troops so far has had their mana burn damage boosted by the magic they have.

So Skadi does 26 + however much mana they have (which I find it doesn’t matters at all), to the first 2 troops. Skadi also has Arcane so that 26 will gradually get bigger. If anything, I’d rather not see my target be one turn away from doing whatever it is they were going to do.

As for Gorgotha, you’ll have a chance to get more Yellow/Brown Arcane Traitstones next week :stuck_out_tongue:

Of all the Mythics you own, the only ones with limited use is Stonehammer.

My Yasmine’s Chosen team is:

Forest Troll
Yasmine’s Chosen
Queen Aurora

I’ve had success with WB as well, but I use it for Guild Wars. Outside of that, there are faster troops for what it does.

Draak and Elemaugrim can both do good things.
Ketras… well… gimmicky fun, but nothing spectacular.

I thought 2x Humility, Draakulis, Mercy was a funny defense team, but it’s not something I’d attack with.

Also, the more you trait, the better off you’ll be.

Basically, higher quality tributes = more glory and more gems = more profits

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Note that gem rewards have been nerfed 1) this year 2) and some time in the past, probably when the new guild system 2.1 was introduced.
Old players Tacet and others, managed to stockpile a lot of gems during these periods of abundance, that’s how they manage to pull Mythics without investing a lot of RL money. Now that tasks rewards are nerfed, no wonder that newer players are struggling with resources.
EDIT: This year gems from tasks have been nerfed from 590 to 140. That means 1800 gems less monthly. That means 40 VIP keys each month you won’t buy.
EDIT: And no longer gems from LTs. Now you’re forced to hunt for Myths with gem keys, which are half as efficient as VIP ones.

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Ah, that makes a lot of sense about Mana burn - I really couldn’t find a difference between troops with full mana and no mana, so I figured it was linked to magic, but didn’t know the formula.

Thank goodness! I really have such issues with some of the colors (but really, the mono-colored ones are the worst, with the guild guardians and the GW troops needing so many).

He was actually the one that came with my Growth Pack.:roll_eyes: Money not very well spent…

I tried Forest Troll, Green Seer, Yasmine’s Chosen, Apothecary and it failed. Might need to try adding Aurora in fourth slot instead if I ever get her traited.

Elemaugrim is nice and I use him (semi-traited as he is), but he just doesn’t fill fast enough in a team also having TDS.
My Humility x3 and Draakulis-team gets beaten up in GW like no tomorrow and it’s also not good for bonus to have three of the same troop. Might try to stick Mercy in there and see what happens.

I get a lot of 11-12 kingdom tributes lately, but I just can’t check often enough. :frowning:

That… explains everything. Okay. I only changed a high-output guild doing any tasks after the nerf, so I didn’t ever experience how it was before… thanks for letting me know. Well, guess I’m out of luck.

For Yasmine’s Chosen team try:

Green Seer
Asha/Queen Mab
Yasmine’s Chosen

Seeing as you don’t have plague you could use Kraken or Doomclaw etc

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I can try Asha! But would it really be smart to use Mab or Kraken? Kraken wouldn’t fill because of Yasmine’s Chosen getting the Mana first. I don’t have Doomclaw, sadly. Would love to use Plague, haha. One day… one day…
Thank you for the tip! I am writing all those team suggestions down!