Need a Laugh? Watch this!


Thought this would be a fun place to share the funny videos we come across on our journeys through the internet!

I will get the ball rolling with this vid my niece just showed me.



There are a lot of BLR videos! You should check em all out brudda!


It’ peanut butter jelly time!


An oldie but a goodie!

@Vangor I believe I will be.

:Yoda Voice: “I will be!”



I haven’t checked in on BLR in quite a while. That’s maybe the catchiest music he’s done since Morning Dew…


Haha that was very good… bloody seagulls…


That Log had a Child!


I watch this for LoLz:



This is one of the most brilliant bits of comedy i have ever seen. I have seen this a hundred times and it still makes me lol.

To anyone who hasnt seen this show it is imo the funniest show on television and i have been a fan since day 1! If you’ve never seen it you owe it to yourself to check it out!



I am falling off my chair laughing at this!!!

WARNING mildly NSFW language