Necro: What is combo breaker and where does it work and how?


i face up against rock worms and goblins as well as skeleton teams with my difficulty being this low to hopfully have a chance by being protected by combo breaker but either my opponent is able to kill me turn two or combo breaker does not work in pvp or arena. Is combo breaker for story and challenges and if so can we apply it to pvp and arena so that us who have no bonuses in pvp have a break from dying turn 2. Btw this would fix goblins and rockworms.


No Idea but I wish I knew. I’ve heard of this mysterious thing. All I know is I lost a match where I had all my troops and they had one left–I counted–they got 14 consecutive turns to beat me. Yikes :cry:


Currently normal mode have it to make things easier for whinning kids, what it does is to prevent the AI for having multiple cascades in arrow. Hard and upper difficulties remove it.


Here you go.


so it works exactly as a means to prevent the ai from a 2 cascade thing but does not stop it from getting extra turn after extra turn even though that is in itself a combo. Well that is great seeing as i cant get extra turns unless i use alchemist or other targeting mana conversion skill.


Yes, if there are multiple 4 of a kinds on the board the AI will wipe each and every one of them before doing anything that would end its turn (casting spells or matching 3 of a kinds). It can on occasion drop in the opportunity for 4 of a kinds in a row, though that is covered by the combo breaker as well and should be disabled providing you haven’t had something similar in your favor recently.



That’s a little harsh man. Newbies also dramatically benefit from it.


Just for the record, the ‘AI cheats’ topic on Steam still collects new entries… :slight_smile:

And kept getting them in the period the combo breaker was forced.


The ai makes a four match that leads to the gems off screen falling into place that sets it up for another match 4 or it would use a skill that makes gems and give it a free turn that sets it up for a match four. most of the time you can probable see this during a game against either goblins or skeletons.


I don’t believe the gem spammers are at all impacted by the combo breaker. From what I understand it only impacts the dropped gems. They did change the gem spammers to get less auto four of a kinds, though I never really noticed a huge difference in that realm. The decrease in gem spammer gem creations pretty much took care of the excessive extra turns. Sure they happen, even five of a kinds, but for the most part they are pretty tame about it.

Also, I don’t think the combo breaker is a guaranteed break. More of a, hey you just rolled a sweet setup, re-roll that. If the second roll is still a sweet setup I don’t think it rolls again. They didn’t get into that much detail when explaining it to us though, so you might need a second drop by of @Nimhain for further clarification. Added to that is the flag “player has gotten a lucky drop recently”. I took that as if you get a potential 4 of a kind or skulls drop in from off screen its free game for the AI to get the same for a turn or two.

I do think you are confusing the basic issue of the combo breaker by trying to mix in all the things the AI is doing. The only thing combo breaker effects is the dropped gems, not the effect of spells or what spells to use. So you can’t count extra turn transmutions, extra turns from spells, or gem spammers into the combo breaker routine. Someone mentioned once it changes the choices the AI makes when choosing gems (for example choosing 3 of a kind matches that lead to known 4 of a kind matches), but I haven’t seen that confirmed. The 3 of a kind matches chosen seem largely random to me with a slight preference for either the AIs most prominent color or yours.



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Ever since the game start lower lvls had a mini combo breaker for them before level 15. What we have now its not for newbies and it born after the crying of many many people saying the AI was cheating. Which sometimes looks like it but thats because people tend to forget when those lucky cascades happen for them and not for the Enemie. Sorry being rude. I forgot we are in kinder garden.


I don’t believe we are whining or in kindergarten. We are gamers who watch the game progress and are not so simple minded that we forget a good flow of moves that are in our benefit. There are times when the game’s luck seems above an beyond anything we experience in the same game or even the one before it but . . . the postings of these comments are to let people know we believe there is a problem to be repaired - not a forgetful selfish kid crying I want it my way.


Wait…am I the whining little kid? …confused :crying_cat_face: muhahaha


Here’s the problem, the game has never been rigged in favor of the AI, never. Not even once, or even a day.

I understand Serale’s frustrations even if they were spoken a little rudely. People don’t recognize recall bias, it’s entirely subconscious, so unless you’re playing the game with the sole intent of counting every lucky cascade you make, you won’t know how well you’re actually doing.

People complain about the AI cheating, when really it’s just that they rolled a slot machine and by chance got triple cherries. This has been a frequent complaint since the games creation apparently, and it’ll likely continue until the games inevitable end, unless an easy mode is added that prevents the AI from getting any matches from falling gems, period.

Even the console versions are the same except there’s no combo-breaker there, so every drop is 100% random, not planned or calculated.

I’m not mad, I understand we don’t recognize our own faults, and instead choose to blame what we can’t control, that’s normal, even I’ve done it. It doesn’t make it any less frustrating when people ask for the AI to be fixed when it, in fact, plays in our favor if anything.

I’ll take solace in the knowing that I’ve never felt cheated by the AI. Annoyed? Certainly. But cheated? Never.


I think @Serale is having a bad day, He is usually very helpful :wink:


…see post about how I am a 3rd year medical student about to get my (MD) doctor of medicine. I know what recall bias is, I just passed my board exam, the United States medical licensure exam. The fact remains: I have never got 14 turns in a row. I counted them. See post above, lol. In any event, there have been several times where my friend and I–who are playing in the same room mind you–are baffled by the unreal cascades and repetitive turns. In addition, the AI does not take match 4 skulls, match 3 skulls, and sometimes match 4 gems, on the console version from time to time. I have played a lotttttttt hehe over this vacation. More than I’d like to admit >^.^< Trust me. It isn’t recall bias. Not for me. It’s empirical testament based exclusively on unbiased observation, my friend. The AI for the console seems to need some love, me thinks :smile: I love this game and honestly I was joking, didn’t even think that person was talking about me.

Happy Holidays Y’all !!! Hehe just a game, after all. Cheers!


And to further that . . . . to be fair (remember that).

I just did an arena after my chastisement of Serale and to be fair (again) I just got the luckiest series of 8 matches I have ever had in this game. Challenges, quests, arena or pvp.

Exactly what I have complained (or whined) about has happened on the flip side of the coin. I don’t remember ever getting that kind of luck with the game (to be fair) but it did just happen. I do pay attention to how each move I make affects the board but that series . . . Wow! It had to be the easiest arena I have ever done other than one or two matches which were pretty even between me and the AI but I still won.

I apologize to Serale for my cutting comment and had to put this out there.


Well, this has never happened to me in PVP. Exclusively the arena. PVP matches are tough, but never the ridiculous factor. I honestly don’t care either way, there seems to be a lot of fuss about nothing. This discussion escalated quickly lol :smile: