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Navigation between kingdoms broken

steam newest version, gow version 5.4.0r26671 and Windows 10 Pro 20H2 (Build 19042.867)


Since the update 1day ago on steam I can’t really “navigate” between the kingdoms on the “map”. Both normal kingdoms and underworld is impacted by this.

When I left-clik on the map and hold while moving the mouse to navigate/move the map into the desired direction the effect of the moving is basically just a completely slowed down short movement that is barely mentionable. If I’d like to navigate from Urskaya to Bright Forest I’d scroll for days.
The only thing that currently works for me is to clik onto a kingdom directly. By doing that the selected kingdom gets adjusted “to the middle of the screen” which “moves” the map. Otherwise I currently have no options.

some added info: if for example I go under settings → graphics … then there’s some slider. here everything works just fine. in “krystara” map overview and “underworld” it isn’t really working.


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