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5.4 Update (Patch Notes)

Werewoods is a faction in the underworld. Their troop mechanic revolves around shapeshifting to and from the faction legendary (Beastmaster Torbern).

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Doh! Yes of course it is; I got excited and forgot to look at the Faction names.

Thanks for clarifying @Lyrian :slight_smile:

The status effect icon (our werewold friend pictured above) is one that we have a license for. There are a few assets in Gems of War that come from stock companies (such as some of our resource icons).


So is the war coins icon stock, or is it licensed?

Since the update (steam) I can’t really “navigate” between the kingdoms on the “map”. Both normal kingdoms and underworld is impacted by this. When I clik on the map and hold and then try to “move” the map into the desired direction the effect is basically just a completely slowed down movement that is barely mentionable. The only thing that currently works for me is to clk onto a kingdom directly. By doing that the selected kingdom gets adjusted “to the middle of the screen”. Otherwise I currently have no options.

Anyone else experiencing similar things?

We have a license for our stock images, and that license is often shared. We do not hold the sole rights to our stock images, which is why some of them can be spotted in other games.

@icy that sounds strange, please make a bug report if you’d like us to look into this further.

It seems, u are confusing two things…
This game is f2p… free to be downloaded and free to be played… and as f2p u may pay for it, but nobody can force u to, if u don’t wish to…

The pic, on the other hand, isn’t free - it’s actually royalty-free, u still have to pay for it, even if only once (no fees later, no copyrights to the pic as well). iinm, the one u can download free is just a sample, not to be used…

If it was meant here in the forums: I already did…

Help I can’t install the update

You’re going to need to give a lot more information than that. At minimum, what device do you play on?


It’s from StockFreeImages, as far as I understand their FAQs you get 10 images without having to pay as part registering a free trial account.

I play on Android (MIUI) and play store says i can’t install it. It said the same for 5.3.5 version but i could get it through 3rd party source

That’s more useful. I don’t play on Android, but lots of people on the forums do—and so do lots of their guild members. Hopefully someone else will have some hints for you; I don’t think your problem is a common one.

@DuDono you may want to start a new post so it isn’t hidden in this thread. Can you send a screenshot of the error? Or copy paste the error message?

Also what Android version? Go to Settings and scroll all the way down to About Phone, you should see it there.

My initial thoughts is either you have a very old Android version, or out of space on the phone. Once I get the exact error message I can try to look into it more.

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“we’ve received your ticket request (100843)”
pls solve this for me, this is too odd…

If you’re encountering bugs please make bug reports and fill out the bug report template.

yeah, I did that. waiting for helpful guidance now to solve this bug.

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Lycanthropy has cost me a couple of battles now using EoE. Having a tense fight end up with the opponents nearly dead troop transforming into a fully powered Sunbird that then proceeds to wipe the party is not my idea of a debuff to the enemy. Transformation effects in general seem more like a buff for the opposing team, especially if it’s a high level AI fight.


We want war coins. Lots of War Coins. Give us war Coins. Oh , you dont give anything meaningful. Still, we want war coins.

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