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Name of stones(Traitstones)

Many times I look for specific trait stones in explore mode and I need to search all the map kingdoms and watching the colours of the trait stones and identify the one I need.
Could they name the stones you can win on each kingdom please, to simplify searching. Thanks.

There’s a few super helpful lists here on the forums. Here’s one that I had bookmarked.
There’s also a thread of QoL improvements here on the forums that you could add this request too.


http://ashtender.com/gems/kingdomtable might also have what you need.


Here is what I copied and pasted from the links given. I am not 100% sure about Dragon’s Claw’s major/minor/runic…


Adana: Fire / Wind
Broken Spire: Water / Earth
Darkstone: Earth / Magic
Dragon’s Claw: Fire / Wind
Divinion Fields: Magic / Wind
Forrest of Thorns: Nature
Ghulvania: Magic / Fire
Grosh-Nak: Fire / Earth
Karakoth: Magic
Khaziel: Earth
Khetar: Water / Magic
Maugrim Woods: Nature / Water
Mist of Scales: Water / Fire
Pan’s Vale: Nature / Wind
Pridelands: Fire
Stormheim: Water
Sword’s Edge: Water / Wind
Whitehelm: Wind
Wild Plains: Fire / Nature
Zaejin: Earth / Nature
Zhul’Kari: Nature / Magic


Arcane Beast: Wild Plains
Arcane Blood: Mist of Scales
Arcane Blade: Swords Edge
Arcane Dark: Ghulvania
Arcane Death: Karakoth
Arcane Deep: Khaziel
Arcane Forest: Zaejin
Arcane Lava: Grosh-Nak
Arcane Light: Pan’s Vale
Arcane Mountain: Drifting Sands
Arcane Plains: Divinion Fields
Arcane Rage: Pridelands
Arcane Skull: Darkstone
Arcane Spirit: Khetar
Arcane Shield: Broken Spire
Arcane Stealth: Forrest of Thorns
Arcane Stoic: Stormheim
Arcane Storm: Adana, Dragon’s Claw
Arcane Summer: Whitehelm
Arcane Swamp: Maugrim Woods
Arcane Venom: Zhul’Kari


Dragons Claw have minor/major/runic of both red and yellow, like Adana.

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Why don’t they just call the single colour arcanes, arcane green or blue etc?