N00b Gameplay question


@collectorofgems Might be mistaken, could have sworn I saw a video that said when exploring,
use highest level you can win at for a one time bonus. Proly information overload. I farm on normal.

@Nulings oops, words matter, @Grimace you are correct in my mistake sir. Thanks

@Lilith troop named “godslayer”? I don’t have that.

Thanks for the replies.


There is not a particular troop named “godslayer”. But every Raid Boss week is going to sell a troop with the trait “Godslayer”, and it does 3x-5x increased skull damage to “Boss” monster types, which includes dungeon bosses.


The only godslayer troop for now is Xiong Mao from Shentang. It deals much damage to dungeon bosses.


The bonus is for CHALLENGES and not necessary to be doing much more than warlord 1. It’s only the 5th one of each section that gives the bigger soul bonus and it is a SET bonus. War 2 gives 225 I believe. War 1 is 200. War3 250. You can also do soul farming and get those souls as well. My 5th challenge will net me 450 souls usually if I can get all 100 (which is 225 after match)during the match.


@Icarium81 BINGO!. Thanks for the reply and for clearing that up. You need so much info to play
this game it can’t all fit in your head at once. Thank god this forum passes info like politicians pass lies, frequent, and often. I Did a few challenges before I knew anything just to get the numbers up, I’m at 56%
level 99, I planned to do the rest of the challenges when I finish all the kingdoms, and have more diverse leveled troops. I will make sure it’s on Warlord 1

@Slypenslyde That’s in 6 days the portal will open for me. I’ll keep an eye out thanks.

@Nulings Got it. The only Shentang I got r not boss fighters.


I am over level 1000 and still havent finished challenges, on any kingdom. Maybe I should.


Hello, there is a way to defeat the third lvl gauntlet boss everyday for a lvl 130? I defeat easily the 2 first bosses, but the third one resist me everyday. :frowning:



Whilst it’s possible it’s unlikely. Traits and kingdom bonuses help a lot. Having good complimentary cards obviously helps too.
My team from about 150 on has been
Xxx xxx forget who it was but now it’s a fully traited doomclaw.
Maralith (had it basically forever)
Infernal king (same)
Sheggra (odd card out that’s not a demon).

Doom gets to attempt eating first if possible.
Maralith goes if I’m close on mana for 2 or 3 of the others. Or after skull spawning.
Infernal king goes off depending on board lay out
Sheggra goes off no matter what after king.
Doom or even maralith with do about 100 damage on a skull spawn in one hit.

Got a second team for dwarves or inedible.
Queen mab
Dark troll
Queen titania
Emporer Lang


I don’t know if it has been mentioned, as I haven’t read through everything. But DO NOT spend any gems until you’ve bought dragon armor, and then celestial armor. Or even better, spend 60 real monies on Deathknight armor.


Next week ‘should’ be back to the Raid event. You will need 100 Gems to buy a copy of the newly offered Godslayer troop. If you are having trouble clearing the first Dungeon (let alone all three) it should help you a great deal even at only 3x Skull/Spell damage.


@Strat @miedzielski Thanks for the reply. I think it’s going on now? Could you possible put up a pic of the Godslayer troop offer? Just so I’m sure I grok you correctly. Of course I got Gem broke, after buying the Dragon Armor I have to make sure and spend my gems properly.


I am sorry but it’s impossible right now. The offer will be aviable on monday, when GW end and the Raid starts. It’s going to be a troop called Freya.


Forum etiquette is to limit spoilers on unreleased troops to the spoiler thread, or at least to conceal the content of spoilers with spoiler tags. You can put the word “spoiler” in square brackets before the content with “/spoiler” in square brackets following. This works with images as well as text.

For example:

Don’t read this!


is it good enough or should I put a link to Taransworld instead? Also something doesn’t look right in my execution of making it a spoiler :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Looks right to me. The words and image are obscured.


@miedzielski I knew it, so this is about the upcoming event, the one that says get ready for a new legendary! I knew I was thinking wrongly. I was looking at the current events. When I get home I will try and see more clearly, but be prepared this is very confusing to me. Thanks again.

@Stan I had no idea this was a spoiler. Thanks.


No worries. Any information on upcoming troops that hasn’t been posted in an “official news” thread is technically a spoiler. It sounds like you weren’t even sure whether the event had started, so no harm in asking.


Yes, I’ve been thinking the same. There again, I tend to pick up enough Souls from farming, Tribute and disenchanting excess troops from Gold Chests, so haven’t really bothered…


What’s the meaning for challenge? What is the prize for doing them?


If yoy havent played the game you probably shouldn’t comment