N00b Gameplay question


Since the “packs” are not available in the shop on the PC version, are they the same, minus the arcane trait stones, as buying 50 gold chest, like daily or weekly? Is this where you get the hundreds of troops needed to ascend your main teams?

I have watched a lot of the videos from Tacet, and others, plus a few forum guides and they help a lot, however they depend a lot on max trait, max upgraded troops. To do this takes a long time, especially getting 250 wins per kingdom, to get the max bonus abilities.

In other words, I know it takes time, but where else do you get so many troops fast?

BTW great forum for a complicated game.


Find an active guild. You’ll get a lot more keys to open chests. Chests = troops. Level your kingdoms, your income will greatly improve. Work on a fast team for explore, for traitstones. For any other teams try to use a soul generating troop whenever possible; if you can also work in a troop with necromancer trait - bonus.


Each week a new troop or two are released. You can purchase these with glory in the glory rewards tab in the shop. If you have enough glory built up you can ascend the troop very quickly.

Other than that, like you said, time is what you need to spend. And follow @Madhermit 's post. Those are the basics of starting out.


Also remember to ALWAYS fight 3 daily dungeon bosses and if you have enough gems buy at least sunday offers (50 gems for 80 diamonds, 400 shards, 2 gem keys, 1 celestial and some souls). In a few weeks you will be able to craft a chosen mythic. The best choice is either Pharos Ra (farming souls gets much faster) or Infernus (dmg). Also try to participate in guild wars, raids and invasions but I wouldn’t recommend spending your gems on sentinels or sigil packs. Just do as much as you can without buying your way in. Edit: if you find fighting dungeon bosses too hard, try to devour as much troops as possible (with Lamprey, Bulette, Kerberos, Sand Shark etc.) and then finish the rest with skulls. The most notable exception are dwarves - you can’t devour them, but they can be mana-drained using Florian, Nyx or Cocatrice.


Which are this sunday offers? I’ve playing for weeks and never saw them…



@Madhermit Thanks for the reply. I am in an med active guild. Works right now as I am not powerful enough
to win always, but I win a lot. I have been doing guild tasks, and battles and love getting those emails.
Right now my Exploer team, is Hero Sword, goblin, valkyrie, Psion. (with limited troops and trait stones, this team can win but the battles can be long) I am just finishing up Sands so will start Dungeons soon, (thanks to Tacet’s Kingdom guide)

@collectorofgems Yep doing that, hopefully that will have Arcanes I need as without the packs, few and far between from battles.

@miedzielski Looking forward to the boss fights, however hopefully they aren’t to tough until I can ascend. I will keep those points in mind.

@Amadan didn’t know about this either. There is so much to do FIRST, if you get my drift. Like I said the guides are great, but they depend on you having a lot of resources to follow all the steps, so I plan to be patient until I finish the map, and then settle in for the long end game.

Thanks for the replies I now the struggle is real, however I still have the question, for fast troop gathering is it ok , or necessarily the best way buying 50 gold chests daily/weekly? I get a lot of keys, from treasure maps and guild gifts, but …I need to ascend some troops to be more effective.

Thanks again


If the guild you’re in gives you a lot of keys then I would dump all the gold you earn into your kingdoms before spending it on gold chests. If not you may have to find a balance between doing both. Buying gold chests is all about your luck pulling troops that you need or getting a bunch that will just sit in your troop list and not matter much. And levelling kingdoms to 10 is absolutely most important because of the stat bonuses that they bring.


@collectorofgems Thanks for the reply. Good point. So due to the bonus in powers, the kingdoms are the top priority, so it’s too early to worry about ascensions. but I sure would love that 6th Valkyrie since she maxed so easily. For clarification, what would you call “a lot of keys”? Also if not chests, is farming the best route for Arcane traitstones? Level 95 and still not one Arcane Spirit nor Stealth traitstone! Which means 16 to max Psion will not be done in my lifetime while
being F2P.

Thanks again


I’m glad to try to help. As many of the other community members will chime in as well. We each play a little differently depending on our style. But we are all willing to share knowledge. Best part about the forum.

Keys - if your guild completes half of the regular tasks (I would guess) each week, that’s a lot of keys for a beginner. At the very least use all your keys before spending gold. I don’t have the best luck when it comes to mythic weeks. I spend tons of resources and don’t get the troop I’m hoping for. These numbers are quite low for some but - 1800 gems, 3K various keys and 27K glory spent - no Champion of Anu. It’s all luck if you get anything at all.

Traitstones - doing explore is the best way of getting stones. It’s repetitive and can be a bit boring but it is the best way. Some times you’ll get 2 stones in 30 battles or less. Sometimes you’ll do 100 battles and get none. Again - RNG luck determines what you get. There are quite a few different explore teams that make a battle 2 or 3 moves to get the win. Here’s a link for a thread that has a lot of options for you depending on what you have :

I’m running Sunbird / Forest Guardian / Ogryn / Fire Bomb - Abyssal banner for my explores. It’s one of the best teams going. You might not have all those troops or the traits that make the team so effective but the linked thread may have something that you can work with. Good luck.


@Amadan Having just beat Drifting Sands I see you end up fighting Level 20,30 and 40 bosses, so this is a “down the road” thing that a new player can’t hope to win at, with under level 20 troops Just from longevity you die before you can make the first kill.


The offer is in the right upper corner :slightly_smiling_face:. First one is Daily Deal and it costs 4.99. The other one is Gems Bounty and you can buy it for 50 gems. Every day you can buy one Gems Bounty offer but the Sunday one has best value.


@collectorofgems Got it. I’ll wait till i’m a little more powerful before Explore, since I have to play at Warlord1
to get the first time only bonus right? I think I read that somewhere. I don’t have a couple those troops yet.

@Madhermit My early quest team is Warlock, Warlock, Valkyrie, Valkyrie Then when they get to tough I switch to the attack team. If I get lucky and get a few more Warlocks i’ll ascend and integrate. Thanks

@miedzielski Got it. Trying to remain F2P. You have to beat that level 20 king to unlock gem bounty. So DTL


I’m not sure about any “one time bonus” with explore but I was quite a bit higher in levels than you when they introduced explore. I know you have to play on WL4 to get the seals for doing the battle. Otherwise, especially for farming anything, play on normal. Your quest team you mentioned to @Madhermit would be good for explore too. You’d get souls (which you need to level your troops) and the stones you need to trait them.


Hi, It’s possible to defeat all 3 gauntlet bosses every day on our lvl (actually 129).


What is this “250 wins per kingdom”? I know about 250 wins for a hero class to gain class weapon. But for kingdoms?..


Classes belong to kingdoms. Complete a kingdom quest line -> unlock a class. So the 250 wins per kingdom is the same as 250 wins per class.


Okay. Just not every kingdom has a class.


True! 10char


Just a pointer that the raid godslayer troop should do good damage against the dungeon boss.