Mythic Guardians-Removal from chests?

Once you have ALL 6 at Mythic and 4 copies of each, ALL 6 will be removed from the drop pool. Until then, ALL 6 will continue dropping.


Oof, so I gotta wait until sacrifice takes his sweet time? More RNG nonsense :wink: first I can’t get a Winter Imp to save my life and now this.

Exactly so I’m afraid.

More explanations here:

I read that situation. That guy just thought guardians didn’t show up after a guild hits 20k seals. my situation is that some are mythic and still showing up. Two separate problems, unfortunately.

Fair enough. I think some of the confusion around the chests (at least in that thread) is the fact that regardless of what level YOU have a card at, the game still considers its base rarity.

I should have linked this particular post in that thread, rather than the thread itself, apologies.


Ahhh yes. That particular comment is much more in line with my problem. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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Sheesh! I did! I didn’t think I had to read every comment of every thread to find what I’m looking for. But thanks for your productive comment.


Like, I even specifically read that particular thread that was linked prior to posting this thread, saw that the person was confused about guardians being commons, and moved on. Is that not reasonable? Or should I be like “wait wait, maybe someone will offer the answer to my question in an offhand manner”?

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Thank you for asking the question @Sththunder. I found this very helpful.


That thread isn’t long thread with 100+ replies, few scrolls and you would find the answer to your question if you really read. And you wouldn’t need to post a thread asking the similar question. But you know what? Nevermind.

That’s a pretty ridiculous statement. Reading all the comments on a thread when that thread isn’t about the specific question a user is looking for isn’t what most people do nor is it necessary. It’s actually better for the community if threads stay relevant to the OP’s question and now, if someone else has the same question as @Sththunder, there’s a topic for them to find without having to scroll through a bunch of non-related comments on a different topic.


ZooKeeper, are you being a troll here? Are you deliberately trying to piss everyone off? There was a question here that was asked and the reply was very helpful to everyone. Why are you here acting like some kind of moderator just stirring crap up?


Yeah @ZooKeeper, behave. Bossing people around like a moderator is clearly my job.


throws Jainus a bone. (dragon)

Go fetch!


I always knew you were a moderator…


Haha. Sure.

No, I wasn’t trying to bossing people around. No, I wasn’t trying to be a troll. I was simply just stated my thought through a meme. If it was me I’d always search and read related posts before making a new post with similar issue/question. But probably that’s just me. I apologize if I offended anyone. :slight_smile:


This forum needs mercy to cleanse us from these sodding memes! (expects to be bombarded with even more)

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Jainus is that you on a 2nd account?! ^^

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