Mythic daily adventures and multi-day adventure tasks are to infrequent

Mythic daily adventures and multi-day adventure tasks are to infrequent

I am end game player and would like some end game content once in a while. Not once since implementation have I had a Mythic daily adventure or a multi day task. Its been asked in the past and I assume ignored like most suggestions but how about implementing a pity timer for this?


Same issue here. You’ve tightened the belt too much! It’s obstructing the flow!

I have yet to see a single Mythic task, not to mention the fact that I had only 20 Gem Daily tasks given so far. I can take much more of this. So-called economic changes are not balanced enough to favor players a bit more, quite the opposite, in fact.

I proposed a solution for this, you’re welcome to tweak it.

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I believe this has been implemented by design. Mythic tasks are supposed to be extremely rare just as are mythic troops that’s why they have such an extremely low drop rate is because of the rarity same with the tasks

Is there a Mythic task :scream: I have yet to see a legendary one :thinking:

You’re obviously too high level to get Leg tasks… I got three before I hit level 100.

I wish they’d stop giving me Broken Spire top tasks. I’ve been working on “Get BS to power 3” for almost a week now, and had “BS power 1” for several days under the old system. And I hate all my BS troops!

At the end of the day RNG fix would fix every problem we have with AB tasks, chest or LTs
It’s too disappointing to the point that makes you want to part ways with WoG.
We humans we have habits not last with disappointment and that’s why this balance is needed.
Plz listen to our plea @Saltypatra @Sirrian :v:

What’s a multi-day task?

Technically Princess Fizzbang was implemented by design. The problem was pre-release, nobody ever had an, “Is this a good design?” discussion.

One of the tasks that require 150 kills of a specific troop type.

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I did this task type easily in not even an hour.

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Oh! Thanks.

I have yet to get a mythic task or a K150 task. :cry:

It’s the part of the design that makes it such that some % of players who have been lucky complain that the larger % of players who have not are idiots who don’t understand probability.

I really wonder what the officially intended average weekly payout in gems and keys is supposed to be. The stream felt pretty confident in promising nothing would change for the worse, or at least making it sound that way to the average listener. In reality, I’m missing 100 - 200 gems each week so far, which current data collection suggest would take an extraordinarily huge amount of luck to ever balance out.

Wording it differently, is the very apparent drop in payouts a configuration bug? One we are supposed to report and keep bringing to attention in every official stream until it gets fixed? Or is this just yet another nerf nobody yet had the courage to admit to?

I guess I’ll open a bug report, what we are seeing doesn’t seem to match what got announced, even when squinting at numbers a lot. If they had intended to reduce weekly income this much, surely they would have told us about it instead of intentionally misleading us, right?

“Gem value” is probably the only explanation we’ll ever get.