My Most Weirdest Team

So I had an idea the other evening after dicovering that Giant Spider and Green Seer actually loop!

As a big fan of looping teams I thought: “What is the most unconventional way to utilise that loop?” And then: “Wait! This actually is a loop that summons!!!”"

What came out is the definetely most weirdest team I’ve ever built (and i’ve built many weird teams):

Black Beast
Giant Spider
Green Seer

+2 Green Banner (Alternatives: Brown/Purple/Yellow Banners in any combination)

##Now, how to use that team:

1: At the beginning of the battle, fill either Seer with matches and BB and Spider with a cast, or fill them both directly with matches. Then cast Spider and fill the bottom two slots. If one cast isn’t enough, loop Seer and Spider until both Seer and Dokk are full.
2: Devour Giant Spider.
3: Cast Dokkalfar.
4: Cast Green Seer to fill first 2 Troops.
5: Cast Giant Spider to fill bottom 2 Troops.
6: Repeat from 2 until you win. Use skulls if needed.

Q: "This team is weird!"
A: “I know. that’s not a bug. It’s a feature.”

Q: "This team is RNG af."
A: “Yes it is. Don’t play it if RNG tends to hate you.”

Q: "Whaaa? Relying on filling 2 troops with a single transformer cast? That’ll never work!"
A: “Thats exactly what i thought too! Amazingly it does work though (sometimes). Huh. And should everything else fail, you can just loop green purple one or two times.”

Q: "Black beast teams are sooo slow!"
A: “Usually… Well, yes. And while I won’t vernture as far as to say that this is fast, it’s definitely not as slow as i expected it to be. (A level 20 Spider does give a nice bit of attack)”

Q: "How is this weird?"
A: “If you think that out of the box, I bow to you Sir/Madam. Usually devouring one of the looping units in a looper team is rather unwise. I consider this team doing exactly that rather weird. If you don’t think so… then… forget what I just said.”

If you read this far, thank you! :smiley: Hope you enjoyed it!

##What are YOUR “most weirdest” teams?


Glacial Peaks Banner

The Silvermaiden
Princess Elspeth

It’s really not that fast but it is funny to play. (At least for me).


At the moment I’m using:
Jarl F.
Infernal King

It’s weird because if you get enough 4/5 matches in a row, the enemy team can die from attrition (Jarl can burn enemies and Moloch reduces skill points at random)

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Corrupt Sorceress
Mad Prophet
Rock Worm
The Devoted

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I made a weird one the other night when facing a one troop defence team

Giant Spider
Scale Guard
Scale Guard
Scale Guard

I didn’t have enough copies of Scale Guard after ascending to mythic so I just chucked in a Giant Spider hoping to get a skull match on my first turn to poison and start doing double damage with the first Scale Guard cast. I did find that it isn’t great against Dragon Cruncher because he has impervious and can’t be poisoned.


Archer with Fast and Creeping Death
Princess Elspeth

Kill the first Sacrifice with PE, cast Creeping Death, then the second Sacrifice, then Creeping Death again.

Did that kill everyone? If yes, great! If not, you are hosed.


Pure genius :smiley:

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Mana deprivation/true damage. Not really fast, but meh…

Some of my most successful teams have been ones that didn’t make a whole lot of sense on paper, while the ones I spent a bunch of time trying to put together never play out as expected. Here’s one that was surprisingly effective, if a bit slow:

Brown/Brown banner
Rock Worm

I built and ran this long before Cockatrice was buffed. There are better options now, and probably were when I built it too, but I didn’t have them. I just wanted to make an all-monster team with some staying power. Golem’s one of the easiest Stoneskin troops to acquire and trait, and with two sources of entangle, the team’s reasonably resistant to skull damage. Cockatrice was and still is an excellent, cheap way to shut down both of the primary sources of damage on an enemy team. Rock Worm and Swamplash provide decent sources of single-target damage once Golem has cast once or twice.

Obviously, the color coverage is terrible, and rock worm isn’t really good at powering other troops. I’d first go for yellow or green to fill cockatrice or swamplash, hoping to shift the board towards brown while picking up incidental brown mana, filling golem and rock worm. Once everyone’s charged, cast golem to soften up the enemy team, then cockatrice as necessary to keep the enemy pinned down. Follow up with swamplash as the prime damage dealer, and self-loop rock worm to try to fill everybody back up.

It’s slow, but way more reliable than it looks like it should be. It probably wouldn’t fare well against the increasingly powerful meta teams people face now, but it got me through an early part of the game.


Heres just a few of what I happen to have set right now:

Havent used this one in a while. I may tinker with the concept more in the future. I used to have a a bombot in this team up front to have something I can get out of the way and start using Infernal King. With this setup, I can use terraxsis to fill Sylvanimora, and Sylvanimora to (slowly) fill the rest of the team, but you can take a purple match if Dragon Soul gets close. If Terraxsis happens to die, I get an Infernal King out, who can fill The Dragon Soul who can reset the board for the infernal king to cast all over again. If terraxsis doesnt die, I get a nice chain of AoEs going. Though not meant for fighting Khorvash, most have their banner set to Lions or to fill Valk and not brown, so if you get Terraxsis up early enough it will make them much harder to get started.

My variant on the “standard” Gard team.

Because I’m obligated to try and use Wulfgarok somehow. If I’m not terribly unlucky, though, I can usually fill and line up either Templar or Forest Guardian, and start the carnage. The huge amount of match 4/5 slowly withers the team down, hopefully getting something in range of Wulfgarok’s spell after a single skull hit which I can then kill, devour another, and have the rest of the team in one-shot range of skulls with Forest Guardian’s spell up and just pick them off. I’ve also used Fenrir and Giant Spider in the last spot who can either make Wulfgarok one shot pretty much everything or turn the team into full on skull spam. Its kind of clunky and not terribly fast, but hey, thats Wulfgarok in a nutshell.

Throwback to before Kraken existed. Not very fast but occasionally fun. The idea is to loop seer/spider, hope Aspect of Plague hits life, and thats where the magic happens, crimson bat doing 40+ damage a pop with the random skulls that fall from your converter loop. This was much more effective before guild bonuses were so prevalent, because it could easily one-shot with random skulls after a bit of attrition, but non-stoneskin targets will still often fall in two. Also, you can fill him through and occasionally just finish off the team if life has been hit enough. The 16 life gain also covers a much bigger portion of an incoming skull hit if you decide to cast the spell after the team has been heavily withered.

Something I threw together for my niece to use. Valk is kinda incidental here since Anariel is the real generator, but if you fill her, you have a back up bomb waiting by converting all the greens to blue to reset the board.

An unusual skull spam team named for Carnex’s spell. Giant Spider will fill in any blue or green surge, and fills carnex to start things off. Carnex explodes, which usually puts forest guardian or templar within one match of fill range. Fill them up and start converting. If you have Carnex traited and can keep him from getting hit, he does a lot of skull damage. Since Forest Guardian can only self convert for so long, blow up the board with Carnex and then start all over if you get to the end of the chain.

This Black Beast eats Infernal Kings for breakfast. (ettin can be subbed with anything that looks tasty or will help fill the team before black beast eats it, for example, hero with Anu’s Scepter and archer or mechanist class)

Alternate here is Black Beast, Kerberos, Terraxsis, Ettin with a Desert Banner. Fill Terraxsis through matches and clever use of Ettin, fire to fill Black Beast, Black Beast eats ettin and now has massive attack. Depending on who you are facing, a softened team will usually succumb to a single skull hit from Black Beast, which summons a Warg from Kerberos and you can start the process again. If you happen to fill Kerberos, he can be used to potentially kill/devour/soften another target.


I think at some points its just funny to imagine battles with those teams “for real” :joy:

Just take the attrition team of @Jalijer for example.

Jarl, War, IK and Moloch march up to the Enemy team, a group of four nasty-looking goblins. Then they start the battle, Jarl hits one of the Goblins with his hammer, another goblin suddenly catches fire from his cloak. Suddenly, buth war and IK burst out in Flames, The Goblins, screaming, manage to get some hits in, too, but nothing that seems really effective. One by one they die, one slaughtered by War’s sword, one is hit by by Jarl, a third burns to death and a fourth just collapses under Molochs overwhelming presence and stops moving.

Or my own:

In the back of my formation: Dokkalfar busily, almost franctically summoning spiders, next to him Green seer, trying to help the team best as she can, growing grass and plants everywhere and entangling the enemies in tough vines. A bit further to the front is Black Beast, happily chewing on a Spider, not even noticing the enemies that try to hit him, growing ever bigger and stronger, until it more or less accidentally stomps on the enemies, crushing most of them in an instant and ending the fight.

I think imagining things like this makes the game almost ridiculously funny :smile:


My “Gnoll Warfare” Team:

Savage Hunter
Wild Fang

Beats W3 Explore relatively easy.

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Everyone just spontaneously combusts, then any survivors die of thirst. The End

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Ok I played around with this villager/werewolf double transform team for a while. It is pretty weird, but quite effective.

Crimson Bat (good synergy with EK, and finishes off wounded troops)
Apothecary (generating brown for villager, completing the loop, and cleanse)
Villager (both villager and werewolf are good transformers, villager feeds werewolf)
Emperor Khorvash (Since there is going to be a lot of 4-5 links, stun will be applied to the first enemy, assisting Bat)
Kraken Banner

I love threads like this! One of the best things about this game is how adaptable it is to each player’s play-style. I don’t think it gets enough credit for this. Look at how creative and diverse all the teams are here :slight_smile:

edit: Here’s my off-the-wall team using the new banner. I love the way @Mithran showed his teams, so I’m taking a page out of his book!

Good for high-level players with good surge chance, yet made with humble unassuming cards. Skelly and Seer get going in 2 three-matches of purple, so if you’re surging nicely and the rest writes itself! How can you tell I’m a loop-o-holic :laughing:


My weirdest:

Giant Spider***
Sacrificial Priest***

Though I just traited Forest Guardian and tried this one out and was able to beat Bone Dragon/Wraith team with it.

Werewolf* (Villager***)
Giant Spider***
Forest Guardian***
Pharos - Ra ***

Lots and lots of colour converting! :slight_smile:

I still wish I had Pharos… or any base mythic for that matter :frowning:

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That really is utterly bizarre. Pharos and spider are perfect together for purple generating carnage and then you include 2 troops that convert away purple gems? Madness!

The really crazy thing is that I tried it and it actually works pretty well :confused:


Yes I was surprised by the effectiveness too.
Depending on the board an early charged Werewolf can fill Spider and then Pharos for a quick early cast to get his damage up.

i use Forest Guardian cast to skull nuke if no of the other conversions line up.

There is so much converting I really have to look at the board in more detail than my other teams.

I use the Frozen Banner +2 Blue, +1 Purple, -1 red. I’ve found that converting out the purple is ok because by doing it charges Spider (blue from werewolf, green from FG), which can then find a match with the board refreshed or I set up a combo if I’m sure of what move the AI will make next turn.