My feedback after third week of Events

First, I think the idea is cool and there are some really interesting things coming out of this for me, like learning to build teams that get the bonuses and that work, having fun building a defense team to help ‘fill the need’ for others to get the snotlings, and watching how new cards are meshed into this.

However, after three weeks I have yet to be able to complete to get all six rewards on one of the events.

First week - Events were introduced on Wednesday and had the (Undead) - but didn’t get the last three rewards because we ran out of time and the rewards I felt where higher than they should be for such a short week. I got to 300 - and honestly felt that if we had a full week I would have finished this. Granted I kept running into a bug with Death Mark but it was an awesome fun week, with Archon basically pulverizing serious damage on the Undead.

Second Week - Strictly Explore more and that I think was one of it’s downsides. I don’t know if it’s almost all folks belong to a guild but PVP trophies is part of our guild work, so I have to do 100 trophies. I play in the evening mostly - managed to get to 250 reward and and tried to get to 500 but couldn’t get over 300.

This week - Talk about NOT finding Daemons - where they should be (two specific kingdoms), this should have been easy but both Karakoth and Blighted Lands kingdoms in Explore mode were not presenting teams with even just 1 daemon in it. - I have played over 300 (increased my longest winning streak) games to just get 115.

On Thursday someone suggested in the forum to try doing Casual PVP and I started picking up teams with at least 2 daemons.

Anyway, I think the rewards need to be flushed out a bit more, and validate that the option of how to find ‘creatures’ actually is viable for most players.


This week I just played ordinary PVP without doing any effort to collect the snotlings. 230 matches (and close to 600 trophies) later I also reached the 250 snotlings mark.


first 2 weeks i actually cared about helping folks with my defense to get their frags scored. but this week… nope.
im getting a little indifferent about the flow of events and considered just pvping gives a fair amount of points as you can find daemon here and there. i also farm zhulkari this week and surprisingly it usually gives 1-3 points per fight as well.

overall im a little disappointed about the event system in the end being not designed to actively reward changing own defense towards the event. such reward would be something to motivate me a fun way :slight_smile:

being actively rewarded for changing my own defense regularly is something i feel i need to keep this game more fun for everybody.


I so agree.

I liked the different challenges the two weeks before on the defense teams. It actually made me re-think order and how to survive. AND it gave me some confidence that my team could go up against Death, Kerberos, Emperor, types and survive… I found that looking through my troops and using the bonuses from other event actions I could go up against those teams I have avoided up until now.

But I agree - I would like to see some reward for those of us who want to show support for the hunting event and who do make a nice (sometimes even difficult team to beat) to help collect those snotlings.

Maybe give reward for a defense win with Demons in your defense team? I rarely think about changing my defense team. Should make PvP demon killing more rewarding then explore. Other then that I love the events, hoping for a Arena event.

Though I find explore boring so i been getting only the first 3-4 rewards.

See this is a problem.

Too many people are stopping at 250 (or whatever is reasonable). This right there says the events aren’t balanced correctly. If they were, the majority would have a REAL incentive to finish the event completely.

But reasonable is subjective… This weeek you get the Event Stones from treasure hunting, it’s not hard but some people will probably don’t go until the 250 mark because of many factors:

  • Being easy doesn’t mean that a fresh starter will be able to have enough maps to do it.
  • For end-gamers the time spent on the maps is not worth the trouble because they already get plenty gems to cover the “loss” on this week
  • Or people just don’t like TH at all because it’s repetitive, monotonous to them, but it’s again a subjective notion.

What seems to be the problem is that people think they are supposed, even entitled, to finish the events everytime. And it’s not the case at all, i couldn’t finish the last event because of my schedule, not because it was unbalanced, it was indeed harder than other events, but not unreasonable considering that there are also really easy events.
Just use your time as much as you want, or can, to pick what you think is worth for it.


Agree! I won’t complete this weeks event because I hate TH and it’s a poor ROI for my guild compared to PvP. But for previous weeks I enjoyed picking PvP opponents to maximise event gems rather than going for glory or gold.

Personally I think events are a success. The rewards are there and are nice for those that want or need them, but for those that can’t/won’t get them not much of value is lost

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I play the same amount pretty much every week. Therefore it is NOT dependent on my schedule, it’s 100% dependent on the difficulty of the Event. I and people like me are the living benchmark for whether or not an Event is too hard or too easy.

And yes, completing them should be a reasonable expectation, at least for someone who plays as much as I do, otherwise the people that only play a few hours a week have ZERO HOPE.

That’s not healthy for the game, sorry.

The developers have indicated that they plan on introducing more mini games in future like we’ve had with Arena and Treasure Hunt. I see this event system as a willingness on their part to give us more variety in the game. I say, take the meat and leave the bone: play the aspects of the event you enjoy, and ignore those you don’t enjoy.

I agree with @Dddd in that we lose nothing by playing the events or not playing them. I just really like that more variety is present in the game at last.


Well I kinda like playing Treasure Hunt for the challenge, and because of my love of extended Bejewelled gameplay which led me to GoW in the first place. But I can see why people might dislike it.

It’s surprising how much hate it seems to generate, sometimes.

@Sirrian Because TH requires quite a different mindset from PvP grinding, perhaps it might be useful to create a developper’s video for us, illustrating basic cascading techniques and general pattern recognition in the board layout to watch out for?

You know, run with attention-grabbing stuff along the lines of… “Treasure Hunt is your friend! Treasure Hunt may even teach you how to be a better PvP player!”

Not to mention “Sirrian Talks Serious Strategy in TH” has a nice ring to it, too. :slight_smile:

It seems to me the problem folks are expressing is that the Events interfere with the PvP grind, which is the normal play for end-game players. My assumption is that this is by design. They’re not going to make PvP even more rewarding than it already is. I think the two biggest goals should be:

  1. Help out earlier-stage players and give them incentives to try out different things.
  2. Encourage PvP defense teams to change more.

It seems like folks are starting to feel like #2 isn’t happening, and I’m not sure what can be done, but that feels like a very important goal.


Actually, my original comment in this thread wasn’t about the events themselves, it was about the event SYSTEM.

If the vast majority of players (and based on the discussions I’ve had here and elsewhere, “vast majority” is accurate) are stopping at Event reward #3 or #4 week after week, regardless of the event, then there really only 3 logical conclusions we can draw:

  1. getting to reward #3 or 4 requires so little effort, it’s an afterthought. Just give everyone a free gift at the beginning of each week and do away with the events.

  2. Reward #5 (or 6) thru eight don’t provide nearly enough incentive to push further into the event. It’s not about them being too hard, it’s about them not being worth it.

  3. My personal take - a combination of both.

I still do a lot of Explore mode. It’s both diversionary AND compelling, at least until I run out of stuff to trait (which will happen more rapidly if they don’t give us more ways to get those last few remaining troops).

Events, right now, are merely diversionary. They’re not really compelling at all, and that’s a big problem because it leads back to @Studs’ previous post - we need a break from monotonous PVP and we’re really not getting it.

Furthermore, this falls into line with my complaint about a great many things in this game right now - I can’t imagine being a new player just coming into the game now. If they really knew how things were structured, I’m not sure they’d want to get hooked.

I play A LOT - hundreds of hours a month, sometimes 8 or more hours a day if there’s nothing major going on at work. I am:

  1. unable to crack the top 100 in PVP reliably.
  2. unable to obtain the remaining missing troops without insane luck, like winning the lottery
  3. forced to chose between donating to my guild and trying other game modes
  4. unable to reliably complete some events (mainly last week’s), despite dozens of hours of trying

Again, if I, in my countless hours grinding, can’t do these things, then new players (if they were aware of this) would literally have no reason to start because the end-game is boring and hopeless. I used to think this game was slanted towards people with nothing better to do but I’ve become one of those people and it’s STILL not enough. I guess I need to give my account to my kids so that I can play 24/7 like some of those at the top of the leaderboards.

My impression is that folks just want to play PvP and get through all the rewards whereas right now they’re getting through 3 or 4. That doesn’t suggest to me that the design is broken. It suggests to me that PvP is so rewarding that folks can’t be pulled away. I think the game would be much healthier if there were less emphasis on PvP as the end-all-be-all. I guess buffing the Events rewards would help with that, but I think you have to nerf PvP rewards as well for it to really make sense. Otherwise you get an Events system that’s hyper-inflated like PvP, which does a disservice to the folks that aren’t end-game.


Just an observation: I would consider a “vast majority” to be over 75%, which based on my player ranking at the end of the week (34K+) would have to be over 24K players. I find it hard to believe (although certainly not impossible) this is the vast majority you speak of. Unless Sirrian puts up one of his famous :slight_smile: charts that displays how many players in fact achieve which Event Rewards, I would hesitate to make any assumption about how successful or unsuccessful the Event System is right now.

Well, i put out that estimate based on many conversations I’ve read and had here and elsewhere and then factored in that those conversations aren’t really representative of the player base as a whole.

And for the record, if my estimation were based solely on those conversation, the current rate of Event completion is near ZERO. To a person, people are saying “I stopped at 250 this week” or something similar.

Well, to add to it, I did what I could in my time (which is near minimal) and got 40 kills for this last event and 15 for the one previous. Can’t remember about the first one. I just don’t have time to grind :slight_smile:

I’m just saying that it’s possible that only those who aren’t completing it are vocal (and/or inclined to talk to you :slight_smile: ) while those who have certainly don’t have a reason to “complain” since there’s nothing to complain about. That’s why the whole picture really needs to be looked at rather than what’s being said among the few.

No disagreement here. It would be nice if we could get some hard data. Unfortunately, this is a feedback thread and since we’re not developers, all we can provide is anecdotal evidence. :wink:

Also, if people don’t care enough to comment, they probably don’t care enough to complete the events, either. :wink:

and this week treasure hunt… im signing out of this :earth_americas::boom::airplane_departure:

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Well, it’s about 95% feedback, 5% suggestions based on the OP and perhaps more suggestions in following replies (not sure now). The feedback is fine, it’s the (admittedly) minor suggestion(s) that compelled me to answer (well, really your statement that I quoted). To be sure, I may have erroneously tied your statement about “vast majority” with making any suggestions at all, now that I re-read your post.

At any rate, I certainly wouldn’t have bothered to reply otherwise and I am one who didn’t nearly complete the Event. So really, I guess what you can conclude from those not responding is you can’t be sure of what category they’re in: completing or non-completing :slight_smile: