Murder Mystery Intensifies

Have you seen this body?

Murdered several months ago, the corpse vanished under mysterious circumstances. We’ve talked with some concerned citizens to share their opinion on what is going on:

  • “It never made it off that ship, somebody should search the cargo vault”
  • “There seems to be a whole campaign behind this to cover things up”
  • “Maybe they are searching for a hanged woman?”

Lead investigator Kafka has been heard saying “uh”, right before also disappearing. Stay tuned for further updates.


We’ll keep you posted!” aged really well.
Maybe that message was just sent too quickly and it just cut off the ending, being: “…If not, then… not!:frowning:


This is good, can we do this more often? :joy:


Smokes Pipe and tilts front of hat down more in concentration

Lead Detective Kafka reporting from deep under cover assignment.

Uhhhh…The word on the streets is that The Hanged Man is infact a woman!
I’ve managed to hitch a ride on a less than reputable ship to follow more leads.

I suspect this voyage will lead me to the body and I will return in the coming weeks with her so the proper arrangements can be made.

Please keep an eye on the weekly bulletin for the exact date of my return.
I wouldn’t want to pre-emptively alert of my return with the victim before she is safely away in the burial Vault.


Made my day :joy:


Coming 2 weeks? Coming 4 weeks? Coming 10 weeks? Coming 52 weeks? And how many times the players will have to poke you inbetween to remind that nothing has been done yet?

As if trying to sound funny would make up for that…


Probably depends on how many storms that “less than reputable ship” encounters.


In all seriousness, I don’t have an eta I’m sorry. We’ve poked the team again and will let you all know if we get any specific details. The info I have is in the upcoming weeks.

Also, this is one of those things we hope to have improved systems and automation for to prevent this sort of delay in future.

Thank you all for your incredible patience


ahh so all of us too <3


Thanks Kafka for the insight in this. Hope this gets improved soon then. It’s an annoying thing and should be not too difficult to prevent from happening.


Eh…if every player got mailed, say, 107 gems every sorry time…

Campaigns have been around for how long? about three years sure? It’s the same issues over and over and you’re still in the hoping stage. Mayhap, you have a vague ETA on when the hoping stage will finally transfer into stage where some tangible action gets taken?

Seeing is believing some say. Not much seeing to be had, I’m afraid.


“Once the campaign ends, you will need to wait 3-4 weeks to try and find it in the Vault.”

Since that campaign ended early October, is it fair to describe this announcement as “not the actual truth”?

What is the actual reason for the current holdup?
Please don’t hesitate to remind the person in charge of this situation and the actual promises that were announced in writing through the “official channels”.
What “official announcements” can we even believe anymore?

Is “the team” already informed of these high “hopes”? Is anybody actually working on this automation process? Even if someone is, I’m aware there’s absolutely no guarantee it will ever be finished/implemented.

Oh, btw, I’m not trying to make a big fuzz here, I even own the troop already. I’d just like to understand the minds and the employees work ethics. I like actual information you can rely on.
Shouldn’t be too much to ask.


Perhaps there is a ‘rule’ that non-paying players should always be missing one tarot card. As the next Tarot card (The Hermit) will not be released for 3 weeks more in the campaign, this could be why the response is so vague (“in coming weeks”).


Taps your shoulder and slips a piece of folded paper into your hands

It reads:

"I hear you’ve been curious about Lead Detective Kafka’s investigation and voyage…

They wanted to let you know that The Hanged Man has been buried successfully in the Vault after the daily reset of gems.

Kafka also mentioned to be on the lookout for Dread Captain Grim and Grimfeather, who are going into and targeting chests at around the same time.

May this information find you well.
Case Resolved
-Detective Bramble "


Hello :slight_smile:


  • The Hanged Man will become available as a possible drop from both Vaults and Epic Vaults after weekly reset.
  • Dread Captain Grim and Grimfeather will become available as possible drops from Glory, Gem, Guild (at correct Levels for their rarity), and VIP Chests after weekly reset.

Even though I don’t love that the troop went into the chests so late, I just want to say that I love this thread. It’s funny and kinda cute.

That’s the type of interaction that is fun and forms a connection between the team and the players.

Makes me feel all warm and cozy. :blush::rofl:


Can confirm it is in the vault, i got it about 30 minutes before weekly reset on xbox




Reminds me of what the forum felt like years ago. Good times. :blush:

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