The Hanged Man

@Kafka or @Jeto . the hanged man should already be in the vault drop pool (last campaign is more than 3 weeks ago). But no one is finding it. When is it added?

Just sticking my head in here to let you know I’ve asked about this and will let you know once I have an answer.


Thank you Kafka, much appreciated

Thanks :slight_smile: Waiting for more info.

Don’t leave us hanging here @Kafka :wink:

It looks like there’s an issue in being able to release it at the usual time sorry :frowning:

I’m hoping it will be out by Monday 13th November. We’ll keep you posted!


That’s no problem, I can wait a bit longer. Will be too busy with GW next week anyways, no time to burn keys. Thanks for looking into this

This occurs way too often. Campaign troops aren’t released more often than not in the window they are supposed to release in. And it seems they get forgotten about until enough complaints are issued by the community to generate a support staff member to remind the programmers to put the troops in chests.

The troop window releases have always been absurd of a concept that has only gotten worse instead of better over time. The issue can easily be prevented by having each campaign troop having an exact set chest release date like ALL the other chest troops are released with almost no issues.

This easy fix extends to holiday event troops or any other troops that don’t go directly into chests.


yep, last soulforge cycle fenix wasn’t in (happened before to other mythics at well), i hope this cycle he will be in :crossed_fingers:


hoping wasn’t enough, no announcement for The Hanged Man

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No announcement since the last announcement, no.

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damn, Nov. 13th you are right

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@Kafka can you confirm the hanged man for Monday 13th Nov?


Sorry to push you, but any news on the Hanged Man @Kafka or @Jeto ?


…just wondering what that “issue” could be.

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Word has it there’s just a single employee responsible for all server side configuration.



Sometimes I doubt there even is “one” employee responsible/working.
Maybe once in a while they have an intern? (aka when actual progress is made)

The regular shortcummings are evident since years. Even with the players asking/informing in the forum beforehand nothing gets done. This either doesn’t even get acknowledged with a comment (maybe because not even read?) or it seemingly if this happens it is all hopes and dreams while noone has any sort of plan.

Always feels kind of abandoned…


incompetent dev team like always, nothing more to say :man_facepalming:


Maybe give this a try if you can’t come up with a working tarot card, besides other stuff, adding system?

It’s cheap, it’s easy to use, and it should somewhat help you to remember to update drop pool and to keep the community updated…