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Multiple Chat Windows Issue

There is an Issue in the Game that occurred to me two or three times by now:
If (in chat) you click a players profile, click “Fight”, and then, in the battle preview window open chat again, you are perfectly well able to chat, but as soon as you want to close down the chat window, the following happens:

  • You close the Chat window and come back to the battle preview
  • You close the battle preview and get back to player profile (with chat in background)
  • You close the profile and get back to the chat window
  • This chat window now has, in its top row, the blue-green chat button, wich lets you open another chat window on top of the existing one and can itself not be closed (if you open a new chat on top of it, its closable, but as soon as you Really want to get out of chat, you have to hard-reset the game

This has happened to me multiple times by now, and while its (often) not a huge issue, I find it to be rather annoying and i imagine to some it can mean a loss, if this happens in the middle of a pvp fight.

Screenshot of the broken chat window with the button in top right area:

Addition: I just did a little bit of further testing, and if you go to the battle preview, but don’t open chat, the original chat window stays closable, but the bugged additional button is there too, and stays even on the world map:

i get this error too. The best part is that both of the icons work lol

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