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Investigating Chat Issues

Hey Guys,

We’e heard from some players that they are having difficulty connecting to either Global or Guild Chat.

If you are one of these players being affected, can I please have the following information:

  1. Invite Code:
  2. Whether it’s Global or Guild Chat you can’t connect to:

Please share this with anyone you know who is having this problem. We are hoping to use this data to find out what has happened and how we can try and resolve it.

The only issues I have connecting to Chat (aside from when the server goes down!) are when I forget to shut down Gems of War on my PC and then I go mobile. In those cases, the mobile client usually times out with a generic “can’t connect” message, but sometimes it does connect and then fails to retrieve messages. I think a “You’re already connected” message would be a better way to tell people they’re still in Chat on another device.

When chat is down I will click the chat button and I get a window that asks if I want to join global chat. I click ok and the game tries to connect but I get a window saying we cannot connect to global chat at this time. If it happens again I will try to get screen shots.

This is usually how I find out chat is down.

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Same here.

My issue on mobile (iPad) is that the chat does not refresh. I have to close GoW and restart to see new chat lines. It has always been like this, btw.

Invitecode: marvelkit

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Seconded, same problem here on mobile/iOS. And after restarting, the messages from clanmates show, but the Legendary/Mythic messages are removed.

Invite Code: Richyread
Main platform: iOS

I predominantly play on iOS (iPad) and see the “cannot connect to Global Chat” error message on a fairly frequent basis. I don’t use Global Chat - I’ve set the channel to 200 in an attempt to improve performance etc.

This is purely anecdotal but I also seem to notice chat issues most during the day and they are nnot always related to the server being offline; for example last Monday I could post in Guild chat from my laptop just fine, but when I went home my iPad kept receiving the error messages. (Note I play on GMT/UK time)

Some extra feedback/ideas that may help:

It would be useful (at least for me) if there was a way to separate the two streams or perhaps remove Global Chat (with it’s myriad of channels) and replace with a handful of dedicated channels instead that players could subscribe too?


  • Dev Chat
  • Dev Announcements
  • New User Chat
  • Help & Support Chat etc.

Would this help narrow down issues to a specific chat channel/chat server and allow players to unsubscribe from some/all if needed (which may have a further improvement on performance - less people connecting = less refresh calls to the server(s)?)

I would also think that temporarily suspending the auto-announcements - such as Richyread raised xyz to Mythic for example - at least from the chat broadcast (perhaps retain the local popup?) could also be an option to look at in the short term without too much impact on the game.

Invite code: kayenne1970

I frequently get the “cannot connect to global chat” message even though it’s mostly my guild chat I’m trying to connect to. Also in guild chat I’m often missing half a conversation (which is both confusing and annoying). Sometimes the missing sentences pop up after closing the game and restarting, but some sentences simply vanish into thin air.

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Invite code : Theina
It’s both. I know if chats up if I can see people talking in global from the world screen. If they don’t show up I click the button and try to connect. Always fails. Tonight I have been in global and able to get 2 lines out before chat froze. I closed it and back to not being able to connect.

Chat has been down for about 2 weeks for me. Invite Code Maxx1013

IDK if its relevant here but I got multiple chat windows issue.