Mounts in Krystara!

We already have heroes, kings, queens, wizards and witches, knights and princesses, dragons, gods, creatures ranging from the little Goblin to the gigantic Krakens and Leviatans.
We have pets, kingdoms, castles, potions, all kinds of weapons and spells. So what do we lack? Mounts!

It does not matter if it’s a horse, dragon, spider, snail, bird, motorcycle, flying rugs, skateboards. What matters is that no great battle, no battle, epic, legendary or mythical, happens without mounts!

When will we have beautiful mounts in Gems of War?
It is worth remembering that we have a wonderful and complex mythology created in Gems of War. Imagine how many beautiful and wonderfull mounts we would have throughout the kingdoms of Krystara?

@Cyrup @Razzagor I guess that would be a cool idea. What do you think?

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I feel this would be a lot like the pets in game. Unless you have an idea as to how they would work? My idea that I saw when you say mounts is the hero ridding on a mount that you earn from doing a mounting event or something like that. But how would they be able to show the hero on the mount? If I’m completely wrong on how you saw it please let me know


I will support this if we also get horse armor


An idea for riding would be the “Drake Rider” style.

The mounts would be troops attached to the hero (like the Pets) and could never be placed directly on a battle team. However, upon being defeated, the mount attached to the hero would take its place in the battle (100% chance).

With the existence of several different types of mounts, it would be up to the player to choose which mount his hero would use in battle.


That’s a great idea

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I do not like to think of mounts as Pets, giving bonuses to the hero under certain conditions. On the contrary, I thought they could be like a reserve troop attached to the hero (as I replied in the message above). Mounts could NEVER be placed on a battle team, they would be something exclusive to the hero and would only enter combat if he was defeated in the fight.

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Oh, handsome royalty horses in armor. I love the idea.

Do mounts only do troops that are already in the game or would have specific troops? would they give bonuses for the class or color of mana? Would repeated mounts on gvg teams change the score? imagine snails like mount kkkk

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I imagine that [according to my idea] mounts would not influence the color, kingdom or troop type bonus on the team because initially they would not appear on the battle team.

Who continues to affect these statuses is the hero. The mount would only appear if it was defeated, so it would not be part of the team’s original lineup.

Mounts would be a regalia of the hero. A very close and personal ally. They would not grant bonuses to the hero or any troop, they would be a reserve troop that would come to the aid of the fallen hero in battle.

Mounts would have statuses like any troop, skills, and traits, but Mounted-type troops would not fit into any team because they were attached to the hero and could not simply be put on a team without him.

(Unsure why i was mentioned…)
But well, mounts wouldn’t be a far fetch as any other collectible in the game, but instead of having it as a second troop to replace the hero when defeated we could have troops offering extra traits or passive effects could improve the hero or other troops.

A mount giving Nimble for example would be an example.

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There was mounts in Puzzle quest… 1 I think. Or was it 2?

Puzzle Quest 1. I think mechanically most PQ1 benefits from mounts are already covered by GoW classes. So I don’t know what benefit could be added that classes and pets don’t already.

While I don’t think having Mounts would hurt the game, I also don’t think I want to see it like a Drake Rider adding an extra troop into the battle attached to the hero who is already plenty powerful. Also how would that motorcycle be a fighting combatant? (Im sure it could be explained, but that’s also just weird)


I’m sure Sparkgrinder has some ideas…


Mentioned because I like your opinions.

Just like any Mech. A motorcycle can be just a vehicle or something else, a mechanical creature with Artificial Intelligence. Adana is the cradle of this type of troop.

Just citing as an example (not to mention Transformers), in a book I wrote last year there was a synthetic dog with Artificial Intelligence.
He appeared in a red armor, later evolved and gained a blue armor. Then he gained the ability to turn into a motorcycle and then into a jet.
In the end he was able to transform into a hybrid type of bipedal wolf (such as Metalgarurumon X from Digimon).

Personally I love this type of troop and I love the Mechs inspired by Adana’s Steampunk universe. It was for this reason that I suggested a motorcycle in the examples (maybe I’m a little crazy).

The suggestion to use the Mounts as with the Drake Rider was because the Pets have already offered all kinds of bonuses in the game. If the mounts also offered some kind of bonus it would just be another troop doing the same thing they already do.

The idea of having the Mounts as a unique type of troop would bring a new collectible and perhaps add some new momentum to the battles. Who knows? We can not deny the fact that the game is hero-centered. Charming, elegant and strong mounts would only further motivate the use of the hero at all times.

I think the Devs are very creative, I just suggested an idea. Personally, a beautiful and powerful mount would be something any hero would be proud to have.

Well, you were really lucky then because i’ve been absent from the forums and the game until yesterday. (New job, new place, without internet for almost a month because had to take care of a lot of stuff.)

Maybe Mounts as a generic name for such kind of upgrades, giving a new unique troop to be summoned when the original troops is killed, wouldn’t apply to certain troops like the centaurs. But, that’s not to say we couldn’t have something in this vein using the current lore of Spiritual Connections on Divinion fields.

Maybe Centaurs could have Ancestors Guidance of different types:

  • Wise Guide/Ancestor providing a boost on Magic.
  • Vigorous Guide/Ancestor providing a boost for Health.
  • Vengeful Guide/Ancestor providing a summon on death like the suggested mechanics for mounts you want.

Mechs using mechanicals upgrades.
Undead using “necrosurges”.
Dwarves using runes.
Elves using sylvan pacts.
Humans using blessings of Anu…

There are many ways to do many things to upgrade troops further in different and interesting ways. And we could still have mounts, but maybe those would or should work for the hero only.

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Perfect. That’s why I marked you, because I think you have good ideas to complement.

In fact, the mounts, in my idea, would be linked directly to the hero, being a closed pact with the same.

This would not prevent that there were different mounts for each kingdom (like the Pets) generating a new line of collectibles, some of them even efficient troops.

One thing to think about is not getting attached to the idea that mounts would be just something the hero goes up, like an object or a toy.

A centaur could be a mount while being conscious, intelligent and friend of the hero (a perfect mount for Divinion Fieds). A motorcycle could be a mount at the same time as it would be a mech of Adana. Boar Rider already has his mount from the beginnings of Gems of War in Zaejin, why could not we have a Boar like his as a mount for the hero too?

The ideas and possibilities are many and I hope to see many new things in Gems yet. If one of them brings the mounts (like the titles I suggested last year and I saw it come true recently) I confess I would be very happy.

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This is what I understood. You go in to a battle with 5 troops (one mount included), but play with just 4 as usual. When the hero dies (not any other troop), the mount takes its stead and continue playing. This certainly sounds a viable idea. But how is it different from summons currently? Also, should it be a separate set of “mountable” troops?

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The idea is exactly what you understood. Of course the Devs may have better ideas, but I imagined a set of troops that could never be put on a team normally (just like pets can not be added into teams).
The mounts would be attached to the hero and there would be a 100% chance of invocation when he fell.

Many may think that this would make battles more time-consuming, but I do not think so. We already have several troops with invocation abilities, so it would not be this new feature that would leave the battles any longer.

Also, imagine these troops arriving at special events (such as pets) being found in PvP battles (why not a Gnome of mounts?) And having a new one every month. I believe it could be tendency to collect each of the realms.

Thinking better (call me crazy), imagine Mounts with activated abilities when invoked, such as buffs and debuffs?
Imagine, for example, “Rage Sabertooth” (Mount of Pridelands), causing Bleed in the first two enemies to be invoked.

Just dreaming…