Morthani's Scythe

Hey, could somebody offer some insight about the x30 Magic Mastery Requirement for Morthani’s Scythe ? x30 Magic seems like alot and I’ve been wondering if it works just getting it during a game (with a magic buffer for example), or if its required for it to be x30 outside of a match.

You need to collect 30 purple (magic) level up mastery cards (when you get 2 cards when you level up and you get to choose one)

You can see what levels provide what mastery options here in a post designed by me and greatly improved on by the great and powerful @Lyya

Thanks for the fast reply but it appears I have been slightly off. It does not say Magic Mastery, it just says magic, and I assumed it’s talking about x30 Magic as in the thing that boosts your weapon damage, which seemed a little insane. If it talks about simply achieving mastery x30 on purple, it’s not that big of an issue and it’s just time-consuming, which is fine. Thank you for clearing it up for me :slight_smile:

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