[More Info Needed] Wrong teams in preview

I never realized this before, but it just happened on Switch during the Journey event, that the preview of a team, was not showing the team, I was facing in the battle. I have no screenshots of this particular situation but you dont need it.

Didnt expect this could ever be displayed incorrectly (since it should grab it from the ingame data, I assumed), but hey it’s IP2/505, never underestimate their incompetence! :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :person_facepalming: :woman_facepalming:

It is not just that you are not able to fix the lance knight bug, but also increase the amount of bugs even without changing anything in the game. Respect to your effort in this way.
Just. Stupid.

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Which troop was wrong where? Looks like a perfectly normal Pridelands cpu team to me.

No, we do need it. And if you can post Switch screenshots then you should generally be able to also record Switch video (press and hold the Capture button). You can then upload the video itself or replay the video to take screenshots from.

(Also note that because it’s Monday the old week is now over.)

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Would also be very nice of you, if you would at least start to try to consider, what are you talkin in your posts/replies. Would make the life of plenty of people way more easier, then tryin to argue with a non-developer, non-part of the company who is just tryin to get attention in every thread exists.

You … assume too much.

As a fellow Switch player I’d be interested in helping back up a bug report if I can, but (1) I never noticed anything unusual during last week’s Journey event, and (2) given you are reporting this after the event ended I wouldn’t be able to help anyway.

If there was a bug and you want it mentioned just for the record, no problems with that. But you’re still failing the number one official guideline with reporting bugs: being able to describe the problem IN DETAIL.

You know how bug reports work. If “a dev” (more likely, one of the CX managers) spots the topic but can’t understand/reproduce the issue as reported, it’s gonna invariably fall into that infinitely yawning abyss of black-hole radio silence known as “[Need More Info]”, or possibly worse, “[Not a bug]”.

Yes, some bugs really ARE so immediately apparent that a screenshot/video isn’t strictly required, but take one anyway – it’s better to not need what you have, than to not have what you need.
ABR - “always be recording”.

I’m sorry, but was that referring to you or me? I try to avoid visiting any given site more than once daily, but it varies depending on what else occupies my day (like, say, my 40-hour job). And I’m a lurker by habit, not exactly an “attention seeker”…


Hey guys, remember to keep things civil.

I’ve investigated this personally and I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue. So we will need more information in order to properly investigate and reproduce this issue.

  • Please provide your invite code
  • Full Screenshot or Video of the issue
  • If possible, the exact time this issue occurred.

Thanks for taking the time to investigate this personally.

I’m just a bit puzzled why you’re asking OP to provide more details…
after banning them from the forums.

How do you expect them to reply?
Visit Straya, smoke signals, return to this thread some time after their ban expires?

I don’t think they’ll care by then.


The issue sounds quite similar to this reported bug, which hasn’t been worked on for several years now. I’m not entirely convinced that lack of extra information is preventing this from getting fixed.


Lack of ability to personally reproduce the bug on debug/development builds (i.e. with access to code tracing and breakpoints) definitely can, though. Erratic/intermittent bugs are just The Worst…

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