[More info needed] Transform bug?

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I was transformed by EoE, usually it turns me into the troop of the quality and lvl I own it at. Twice today it turned me into the lowest quality card type.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Monday June 29 and again Tuesday Durning guild wars.

Is this intended as new or a bug? I used to see my transformed troop leveled with traits and medals. This is no longer the case.

Thanks for your help

when your troops transforms itself, it usually keeps the level and traits of original troops (might lose some traits if you dont have the troops you trasformed to)

i you get transformed by enemy (TPK, Lust, EoE) you lose all your traits and get half of your level (not sure about this part)

it used to work this way, as long as i remember (at least on pc/mobile)

Hey Swarly, did you happen to grab a screenshot?
Transformed Troops should have the upgrades the Troop has in your collection.

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Unfortunately I was focused on the guild war battle and didn’t even think to screen shot it. I’ll keep an eye out for it and try to remember if it happens again.

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@Kafka Realy?
From what i noticed, whenever my troops get transformed by enemy, or enemy troops get transformed by me, they lose all traits.

it’s something that’s been that way all the time… (very usefull when using HKI + TPK -> TPK can always transform anything that’s immune to devour to something that’s is ‘eatable’)

whenever my or enemy troop transforms itself -> it has the set of traits as troop in respective collection

This was against a traited troop

Did you trait your giant toad in your troop collection?

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I’ve also noticed that if a troop is transformed by an opponent, you also do not get the benefit of elite level upgrades (which might make sense, since it is no longer level 20).

Yes I did, went after most of the summon and transform troops for that reason

Here it happened again today @Kafka
Guild mate with all troops, all mythic

Since the rebalance of Dragon’s eye. Transforms have worked like this:

  • Transform your own troop and it will have all the traits and level as if you started the battle with the troop.

  • Transform an enemies troop and the new troop will be half the level of what the target was and it won’t have any traits.

This works the same way for the AI or the player.

Either Salty or Nimhaim explained the difference between Summoned and Transformed troops to me somewhere on the forums. Sometime around Mirrored Halls being released.

You read what Kafka wrote right? Scroll up. And if so, was it a bug that this was not the case till early this summer?

If it is a bug.
Then no more info is needed from you.
Since as you stated, it’s been that way since summer 2019ish.

I most certainly did not say summer of 2019. Once again I refer you to a previous comment, scroll up.

The bug report I hunted down for you is from May 2019.
Which is Summer in the US.
So when you said summer I thought you meant that. My bad for misquoting you by attaching a year. Instead of correcting you by stating the year.

I am not looking for a past article because my question only pertained to this current year and whether or not something changed or got fixed this year.