[More Info Needed] Tourmaline an Hellcrag troop cannot be selected for Hellcrag event

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Describe your issue:
Update, after repasting a team with Tourmaline in it, the team is considered valid but still cannot select unit individually if building the team.

For event “Something Impressive”. On PC you cannot click/drag and on Android you simply cannot choose it while other troop can be select/drag into team or added by selection.

Screenshots or video:

Do you have a screenshot?

I could select him just fine. :thinking:


Well screenshot would probably now work, more like a video.

As basically I select unit with my finger on tablet and it does not select like the other allowing me to drag into the team. Selecting it and clicking Recruit does nothing.

It is as if, it see and list the unit but does not believe I have it or that it is already in the team with no extra. It is weird. Starting to think that may be the root of the issue but I had tourmaline, and maxed, for a long time.

On PC cannot click to drag and same behavior.

Without seeing what’s going on it will probably be hard for anyone to assess the situation.

It’s definitely weird. Works fine for me on both accounts.

Only good thing is that you don’t actually need him. :sweat_smile:

Hey @Zak707

I’ve tested the “Something Impressive” event on our side and I was able to select and place the troop Tourmaline on my team.

Are you able to please provide a screenshot or video of the issue you’re having so I can get a better idea to what’s happening?

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:

When unsuccessfully trying to drag Tourmaline, what does the counter in your roster say? Is it “x1” or is there a lock symbol there?


Maybe post the team’s passcode?

This is a pretty easy thing to check for – if you see a padlock icon under the Troop, it means (1) they are already on the team and (2) you don’t have enough extra copies of them to add another one. You should, however, be able to tap and drag the one that’s on the team (for switching positions, or removing from team).

The issue is resolved it was an something in my profile that support fixed.

Thanks for the many suggestion. But being over lvl1300, I know quite a lot about the game and had of course already tried and verified many things before reporting.

Oh, you know - we all always do the typical IT stuff because sometimes it’s one of the things. :joy: