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[MORE INFO NEEDED] No notification for tribute?

Android 10 galaxy s9

For most of today, I have not gotten notifications when my tribute has been ready to collect. I have double checked my settings, which had been working months since I enabled the notifications.

Steps to make it happen again

I wish I knew… I have not been anywhere unusual. Stable wifi connection in my house. Other apps sending notifications as expected. Only GoW seems to be affected.

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I have also noticed delayed notifications on iOS, for perhaps the last 12-24 hours. But not always the same amount of delay. Sometimes the notification is bang-on, and sometimes it’s rather late. I don’t know what the longest delay I’ve had is, because sometimes I don’t notice the notifications myself (if I am using a different app, for example).

Also while we’re on the topic, the notification for “rewarded ads” has NEVER worked for me.

I’ve got the Galaxy S9+ and delayed notifications seem to be a general issue with these phones.

On innumerable occasions I’ve unlocked my phone to check something or had a “ping” from another app and, simultaneously, got the Tribute alert.

This cannot be coincidence, but I think it’s a problem with the OS, rather than GoW :frowning:

Turn off battery saver for the app if you want real time notifications

It’s a known issue with Samsung phones not reserved for just Gems of War.
@Kafka educated me about it. The only way to avoid it is to keep your phone out of sleep mode or “unlocked” 24/7. Otherwise sometimes the notification will be right on time. Other times it won’t go off until you go to unlock your phone (making a 1-30 minute delay)

Completely separate issue.

Salty asked for more information. The community in large ignored the request so nothing is being done. And Salty ignored my last request to find out exactly what devices (if any) the rewards notifications it’s actually working on.

:white_check_mark: (Again. That’s twice today. :wink:)

I don’t see such an option on Android 11.
Can you show a SS? All I see is battery optimization junk and run in the background which I have :white_check_mark:.

^ Might help

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Looks they they renamed it in 11, it’s the optimization settings. Not sure why it doesn’t work then, could just be GoW not sending the notification on time…

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So, this just happened on iOS:

(1) Open up Gems. No flashing gold icon on the Underworld button
(2) Push Underworld button. Collect tribute, in an amount suggesting I caught it in the first minute or two
(3) Close Gems
(4) Two minutes later, get a notification about tribute to collect. Said notification is timestamped three minutes ago

This suggests that the notification was sent while I had the gems app open, but wasn’t delivered until after I closed the app. I have no idea where the delay could be.

What does this mean? Is there anything in tribute cache that correlates to how long it’s been available? E.g. do the number of gems increase (or decrease) by 1 every 10 minutes you leave it to brew?

The amount of gold generated by your home kingdom is a function of time. My home kingdom gets me 65-66 gold per hour, and I received 67 gold from the tribute in question.

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Thought tributes were static (based on your power level) and that the only variables were how many you got and your base gold/hour.

I.e. Whitehelm always giving X glory whenever it shows up as a tribute but all kingdoms + factions generating Y gold per hour.

In case it wasn’t clear, or you’ve never paid attention before, here are some screenshots of what I was describing:

This tribute was collected immediately upon getting a notification, timestamped “now”, that my tribute was ready.

This tribute was collected some time after I got a notification. Based on a base rate of 65 gold per hour, I can tell that I collected this about 40 minutes after the tribute became available.

Curiously, the second notification was timestamped “26 minutes ago” when the banner appeared at the top of my screen. (Sorry, no screenshot of this one.) When I am actively using my phone, I expect to receive notifications immediately, timestamped “now”—that is, after all, the point of notifications.

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Thanks, yes I understood that from your earlier post - good trick with the home kingdom gold. I forgot that one. Can come in useful sometimes I think. :smile_cat:

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As you assumed, never paid enough attention. There’s something to be said to slowing down and smelling the roses. Like Haunted Guardian spell not working in >2x.

What’s confusing me now is how you got 65-66. I saw the same value for mine but maybe my math is wrong. My home kingdom has “Kingdom Income” as 1045, which should be gold per day. 1045/24 = 44, but I received 65 in the message, like in your screenshot.

Either way, nice trick and thank you for pointing it out.

65*24 = 1560. Subtract 1045 for kingdom gold (since my home kingdom is Whitehelm, at power level 19), and that leaves 515 gold unaccounted for. If I recall correctly, players get 500 gold every day regardless of what their home kingdom is.

That leaves 15-20 gold unaccounted for. Can’t figure that out. But maybe someone can. Either way, this is getting far afield from the original bug report’s topic.

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Going back to the actual bug report:

Something I experience a lot is that if I have the game running in the background, I experience more delays in receiving the notification than if I have exited out of the game. If I am actively playing the game, the notification shows up as expected.

I don’t know if this is at all helpful but it’s something I’ve noticed on my end.
Device: Android 8, Galaxy S7.

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How interesting! On iOS, if I am actively playing the game I never get notifications from the game. Other apps, yes, but never from Gems of War.

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The above banner appeared two minutes after I collected tribute. My phone was not in use at any point in the preceding ten minutes before tribute collection, and so I should have received the notification at the time it was relevant—and certainly not after I had already collected the tribute it was notifying me about.

@Grundulum that looks like a phone issue, not GoW. Your notification says it was received 12 minutes ago, but your phone didnt display it right away. I don’t know why so this isnt helpful :frowning: