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[MORE INFO NEEDED] No notification for tribute?

lol. First rule of tech support: “have you restarted the device?” Have recently done exactly that, so if I never post here again I guess it was a simple fix!

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@Snooj I think you are right, as it says 12 minutes ago. Unfortunately we can’t do much if it’s an OS issue, though we can investigate a little. If it comes down to OS our hands are tied. Sorry for the inconvenience. (It’s a good idea to ensure notifications for everything are on, and double check your settings for both home screen and lock screen in the meantime.)

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A little anecdotal aside:

A friend sent me a text at about 1am on Monday morning.

My Samsung Galaxy S9+ didn’t register it as arriving until 3:26am! I also had a “Hurry back” alert at about the same time.

Throwing some thoughts into the void for those experiencing this problem to check:

Do you have game mode on? It will disable notifications.

Also found this article that explains some potential fixes. Hope this helps. :crossed_fingers: A Complete Guide to Fixing Delayed Notifications on Android


Was actively using my phone.
Received the tribute notification 3 minutes after I actually collected the tribute.

Really weird stuff. (Samsung Galaxy S21+, Android 11)