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[More info needed] 149/150 Guild progress, but everyone did 5 rounds

Hi all !

As you can see below, Guild progress is at 149/150 today, but absolutely everybody in the Guild did their 5 rounds. So, is there an explanation for this, or is it a bug ? Thanks in advance.


To my knowledge and experience, this is a very long running bug. I would be happy if this was turned into a bug report so that Kafka can analyze and respond :slight_smile:

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I believe this can also show up if someone crashes during a fight and possibly if they retreat as well. It would be nice if they showed up regardless.

Recurring error - atm we have 30 duells today played and only 29/150 are shown.

OK, I switched to a bug report. But Redi1’s idea looks interesting, let’s see.

EDIT : btw I forgot to say there is 1641 points between the final score of the day (218338), and the score I found myself (219979), so it can be a victory at 4th round which is not counted, for example.

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Did the battle count stay the same like that until the end of the Guild Wars day?
Did you try force closing and re-opening the game to see if it updated?

Yes, I checked several times until 3 hours before the end of the day, and it didn’t change. And the game was closed and re-opened several times too.

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@KartSeven could you please ask around your Guild if anyone had a crash, error messages or connection issues while playing Guild Wars last week? I need to check individual accounts, I checked the accounts with the lower scores than everyone else as I figured they’d be the most likely to be the account with the issue but didn’t spot anything off.

Apparently, someone had a connection issue this day (brown day). One victory took a very long time to be validated, after the end of the round. Maybe it was still ok for the player, but not for the Guild score.

@KartSeven which player was it? You can PM me their name if you prefer.