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Mobile/PC - 2.2.007 Upgrade

Happy Holidays, everyone.

We’ve just shifted the version number on our servers to force everyone onto the latest 2.2.007 update (already out on Steam, and available via Apple & Google since last Friday).

We figured that with event reset about 6 hours away, it might be wise to ensure everyone is on the latest version this week.

Sorry for the lack of notice & any inconvenience.


It’s not updating properly.

I get a notice to update. I click on the OK button and the game greys out and sits there.

Same for me.

I can’t get on from Steam. It says there is a new version available but its not auto updating. Is this a known issue. Mobile is working fine.

Yep, me too.

Steam does not update

Ugh, me too.

I got mine on Friday I think.

For those on Steam have you tried forcing a recheck of your game cache and seeing if that triggers the update?

how do you do that?

Apologies, I might not have worded things incorrectly. I was referring to Veryifying the integrity of the game cache. A Screenshot is below. Right Click Gems of War in Steam and go to Properties to get this screen to pop up.


Yeah that still didn’t work, which I kind of figured since my buildID was the same as yours but gave it a shot anyway. Thanks for the advice though.

For me it worked. Thanks a lot.

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What happens when you hit play? It just says an update it available and hangs waiting for the download to start?

The next step I can think of would be to Delete your local game content and redownload the game if you’re able to.

I had to restart steam and it worked for me

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It worked for me too. Looks like I’m back in the ‘Gems of War’ business.

Before that I rebooted the computer, restarted Steam hoping that would trigger an update, but it didn’t. I couldn’t remember how to check the files. Thanks.

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Worked for me.

So you snuck the update in. Is that why you named it .007? :wink:


Well apparently like 007, it had a “License to Kill”… the Steam Version.
Poor Steam players WITH the update were getting told to update again… very weird.
So we disabled the forced update.

We’ve just fixed that issue for Steam players, with an hour to spare before the weekly reset :cold_sweat: so we can turn the forced update on again!


FYI since the update we’ve been having Error - Your connect to the server has timed out.

On both Mobile and PC devices. Not sure if there is something seriously up with the servers

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Friendly reminder: Don’t forget to leave a review if you’re on Mobile/PC. The reviews get reset with each update on Mobile and good reviews help bring new players into the game!