Missing one of my new Tuzi pet!

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Well, when I finished purchasing all the the new Tuzi pet (Tuzi’s Lil SIs) and had it fully upgraded , I found that it was only legendary, and I had 15 of them, which means one of them is missing. It seemed that I didn’t receive one through the mails because I log-in everyday.What a pity! It is really a huge regret and I wonder if there is some way to fix it, or may I have another copy of Tuzi pet? Really appreciate that!

Screenshots or video:

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If you did not get it, contact support.
I got mine so you should have gotten it, too.

I’m sure they can help.

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thanks, pal, seemed I should use vpn or something…

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Haven’t you been logged in between last wednesday and sunday? The last pet was in the reward calendar.

Yes, I did. I log in everyday, so it’s really wired…maybe the calendar just didn’t show up for me?

Normally those shouldn’t go away if you log in a day later, say if you had missed one.

I doubt you accidentally made it into pet food, either.

Support is the best option, I’m sure they’ll help and can see what may have happened.

I have abundant pet food and I’ve never dissolved any pet for food, so it 's really wired…And I have already submitted to the Support, thanks buddy!

As much as I know you can only turn pets into food once they have reached max level, so this wouldn’t have been possible for your Tuzi.

Yeah, maybe - I’ve never done it so you’re probably right about that.

Hope they will help you out soon and send you a copy. :crossed_fingers: