Minor Text Fixes and etc

Is (isn’t?) there a pinned topic somewhere for aggregating the really minor bugs/issues found in the game?

For example, back in Campaign 1 (Seal of Kurandara), Week 3 took place in Silverglade and Week 4 took place in Forest of Thorns, but if you read the lore on the Campaign Artifact:

(verified: still present on at least Switch v6.2, reading the Artifact in the Player Inventory screen now)

The first reference to “Silverglade” should actually read “Forest of Thorns” instead (as supported by campaign week 4, and the Lord Belanor troop), but the second reference to “Silverglade” is correct.

Likewise, if I remember the Campaign 3 (Phoenix Stone) Week 1 (Zhul’Kari) World Event correctly, the “Arachnean Watcher” team was mistakenly labeled “Arachnean Weaver” instead. Don’t scare me like that! (My first encounter with Weaver went VERY badly) But unlike the persistent Artifact Lore, this was only visible during the event week itself…

Also, back during Switch Campaign 4 (Leonine Crown) Week 3 (Shentang) I was given this enigma as a Silver Task:

Which HAD to have been an error, because all troops have a Type (even the “Ogre” depicted is typed as “Giant”), so I was forced to re-roll the Task because there was literally nothing that qualified for it. Unfortunately I can’t confirm what game version I was running at the time (probably 5.3.5 or something) so I hope it has been fixed since then.

Also, it is apparently a point of contention that casting “all Status Effects” (e.g: Essence of Evil, Trick or Treat) was tweaked to apply Curse first (thus making it ignore status immunities in one cast) when previously it applied Curse last and this may have been intentional, but if it is then the help text for “Negative Status Effects” is now incorrect because it still reads:

I’m guessing you are on Switch as Campaign 4, Week 3 was this for PC which did have a troop type Bane and was Bronze not Silver:

And we didn’t have reroll

If you get any future issues in campaigns like this, 100% bug report it as they can usually get it fixed pretty quickly, if there is text missing from a task and struggling to complete it, feel free to tag me as I have all the campaign data saved and I might be able to offer a work around while the bug is being fixed

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Right, I’ll keep that in mind – it’s only been a day or two since registering here so a few things are really a “backlog” of things I noted at the time, even if they were later fixed.

@Hawx, edited to clarify yes this definitely was on Switch. (Aside comment - how exactly does the “Glory Hound” task work?)

For the Glory hound tasks, only glory received from pvp counts. Glory from delves, glory gnomes, adventure boards etc unfortunately doesn’t count.

Agh, I suspected as much … what distinguishes it from “Dominator” then?

Dominator is for example win 6 ranked PvP battles, where glory hound is Eg win 5 glory which can be done in one or maybe 2 PvP battles