Minigame (2 minigames): Alchemy Labolatory & Khaziel Mines


-you enter the labolatory and mix substances for a short period of time seeing what result would it bring?

Rules: (similar to treasure hunt)
-limited, fixed amount of turns (for example 8 turns)
-match 4+ does not take away a turn
-match 5+ doesnt give extra turn, just acts as if it was a 4gem match (so does not take away a turn)
-every gem match scores mana points normally to your cauldrons and can mana surge
-no skulls show up
-no game difficulty /armor modifcication/vip applies

-first you just start the game with 4 random different cauldrons without spending time on choosing team (cauldrons are normal units designed for this minigame)
-normal board with gems (and the 4 cauldrons as your units) shows up and you play against no opponent until turns run out

-the cauldrons themselves have the spells that rewards some loot, depends on the spell

Exemplary Cauldrons:

-Burning Hot Cauldron: (10red)
“Heat Up:” double the amount of gems on the board of a chosen color, do not loose a turn

-Cold Crystal Clear Cauldron: (10blue)
“Crystalise:” give 2gems, 10%chance to give additional 5gems, create 3 blue gems, do not loose a turn

-Thic Mixture Cauldron: (10brown)
“Transmute Glory:” give 3 glory, 10%chance to give additional 8 glory, create 3 brown gems, do not loose a turn

-Sparkling Bubble Cauldron: (10yellow)
“Transmute Gold:” give 500 gold, 10%chance to give additional 1000gold, create 3 yellow gems, do not loose a turn

-Dark Essence Cauldron: (10purple)
“Summon Souls:” give 20 souls, 10%chance to give additional 50souls, create 3 purple gems, do not loose a turn

-Toxic Cauldron: (10green)
“Entoxicate:” remove a chosen color from the board with no effect, do not loose a turn

-Magical Cauldron: (20mana any color)
“Magical Blend:” create 5 gems of one random color, gain an actual extra turn

Other details:
-the minigame main character and location obviusly would be the Alchemist, Karakoth
-Could be enterable by sacrificing one “Magical Reagent” as a fee
-the Magical Reagent could be found with a low chance at at physical 5+gem matches in normal games
-chance to find “Magical Reagent” could be added to Ferrit (spell edited to “Runic Blade” deal x damage to last enemy, drain x mana, 20% chance to extract Magical Reagent) or to some entirely new unit :slight_smile:
-Cauldrons arent playable outside of the minigame
-in future we could have collectible cauldrons and an alchemy lab team created by the player to just start each game with preset chose of caudrons then eventually some dual colored cauldrons could show up too (then they could start scaling with their magic etc etc)

Goals of this minigame:
-alternative fun
-must not take long per a game (so that the reagents dont pile up) but still give rewards that makes sense for the effort
-supporting new players just like arena and treasure hunt does

Alternative Modification or an idea for another minigame:
-if skulls arent taken away from the game then there could be added 4 enemies that do not have turns
the enemies would be from top: (random colors)
10hp - Minor traitstone
15hp - major traitstone
30hp - runic traitstone
60hp - arcane traitstone
-if you “kill” the respective traitstone you gain it
-obviously the game ends immediatelly/prematurely as a “win” if you “kill” the arcane traitstone
-getting arcane traitstone would be generally impossible untill the whole “cauldrons as collectibles and can level them” idea comes up
-i dont like this alternate but added it to make the post more complete


-you enter the mines to fill the wagons you brought with the treasures you dig, while trying to stay alive

-entering costs 2000 gold
-you bring any of your teams to the fight
-there are 3 wagons and a dwarven fanatic in enemy team (in random order)
-if “Dangerous Looking Rock” is killed you get random runic or arcane traitstone
-no game difficulty /armor modifcication/vip applies


-Golden Wagon (brown/yellow 50,hp10,attack10)
“Full of Gold:” give 4500gold (give to the player even if its on ai side), immediatelly/prematurely finish the game as players win
-Diamond Wagon (blue/purple 50,hp10,attack10)
“Full of Diamonds:” give 12gems (give to the player even if its on ai side), immediatelly/prematurely finish the game as players win
-Ruby Wagon (red/green 50,hp10,attack10)
“Full of Jewels:” give 30glory (give to the player even if its on ai side), immediatelly/prematurely finish the game as players win
-Dwarven Fanatic (multicolor 20,hp10,attack10,fast,stealthy)
“Sacrifice The Load:” drain mana from all your allies, give souls = 2x mana drained (give to the player even if its on ai side), jumble the board, 10% chance to trainsform himself into a “Dangerous Looking Rock”, gain extra turn

-Dangerous Looking Rock (multicolor10, 100hp,20attack, magic1,impervious)
“Stalactite Shower” deal 8+magic damage to all enemies, gain +3 magic +5attack

-the point is to try and feed wagons with mana (leaving all extra turns to the enemy, trying to fill board with prefered mana), or wait till dwarven fanatic becomes a rock then kill it for some traitstones (and kill the wagons afterwards or wait it loads mana) while staying alive from their skull hits
-player could purposely kill a certain type of wagon that is not prefered by him/her
-the wagons are fragile so you can loose your chance to win the resource you want by just some accidental skull, so making the perfect team could be harder

Other details:
-the minigame main character and location would be the Dwarven Miner, Khaziel

Goals of this minigame:
-alternative fun
-training of understanding the ai behaviours
-long and well rewarding fight
-targeted to players who like more tactical games , also more likely for veterans of gems of war who got bored of other game modes

Side notes:

-numbers are most probably not balanced well but i tried
-both ideas are made up during this one evening so probably a lot could still develop from it, but for now leaving that to the devs :slight_smile:
-(im not under age) hire me! not joking :slight_smile:


I can’t imagine just how much thought went into these mini games… Wow.
I’m astounded by both the basic ideas and the specific spells, game mechanics, details like “Dangerously looking rock” :grin:
Minigames are sorely missed in this game right now when the gameplay comes down to “PvP all the time”.
I’m behind this 100% .

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+1, more mini-games please :wink:

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oh yeah and i forgot to add “immunity to entangle” to all the khaziel mines enemy units :slight_smile:

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Great! :slight_smile:

I like both of the ideas (and - more importantly - the general Idea of more minigames), although you’d surely have to be careful with the balancing so they don’t get too viable…


Me too!! Pretty pretty please? :heart_eyes:


I volunteer as beta tester. Also considering how many ideas i have seen poured into the game, i just want to be a play tester.

Wow, those are some well thought out mini games. Nice write up.

+1 to more mini games

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instead of the magical reagent - could do 10 or 20 maps or something along those lines.

i was thining every mini game should have its own unique token (or cost gold/glory)
and we could simply get a token exchange feature to trade tokens for other tokens at rates for example 2:1 then ppl could trade the maps away and get some magical reagents or the other way around :stuck_out_tongue:
still not enough of minigames for such things, but its an idea,
but yeah maps could become a more universawl minigame token as well, then just rename it to something sounding more universal i dont know… “crystal coin” that u pay to tyri/alchemist/whoever to take you to the mini game?

but details like that are not important if devs dont add more mini games in the first place :stuck_out_tongue:

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+1 to more mini-games…

For anyone who hasn’t experienced the great variety of these, go buy @Sirrian’s earlier work in PQ, PQ2 and PQGalactrix…



I defintively like the idea of a mini game where your aim is to have your opponent fill up mana ! So big +1 for your Khaziel mines.

I find the laboratory to be too close to the current tresure hunt. Maybe make it timebased ? (with 4+ adding a few seconds)
(However, I like Gems of War to be a game that I can suspend at anytime, and come back to my computer later, so it would need a pause button).

wow, you put a lot of thought into this one and I really like it. This game needs more mini-games, a whole lot more.

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