We need something new

We, the players, need something new in this game that make us enjoy again, the great new version with the guild wars appears to be tiny, a lot of months for nothing, again battles versus the foreseeable AI with new menus. We want more content, wich means: new posibilities, new game modes, new puzzles, something really new! :tired_face:


i too am underwhelmed with guild wars,was hoping there would atleast be guild boss raids! :cry:

And troops that aren’t filler. I just quit my guild. There hasn’t been a troop since Gard that I’ve actually wanted.

I think guild raids will be the next update.

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Not to be a homer here, but GW is a substantial addition. Granted it’s only 5 battles a day but all of the mechanics of making it functional and the commitment to build the guild matchups each week seems like a large commitment on the part of the dev’s to me.

Let’s see it live before we call it dead in the water.
Right? :wink:

Edit: but to add I am always up for more game modes!! New stuff is great!!


You can’t completely judge something from a “sneak peak”. Its like deciding how entertaining a movie is based on a 90 second Trailer before the movie is released.


from my experience the trailers usually end up being better than the movies these days. :grin:


You’re watching the wrong movies then. :wink:

i think guild wars will be fun :slight_smile:

but i do agree that something new iin the way battle is done would be great, for example:

  • something like new mana flow mechanics (exampleA )
  • something happening to the gems (example: treasure hunt) or gem dropping mechanisms
  • something happening to the troops during a fight (exampleA )
  • different victory conditions (ExampleA )

a new mode like that could bring a lot of fresh air to the game

modes that give new matchmaking (guild wars) but dont really influence the course of battle are also good but the core of stagnancy is the actual battle

there already has been some feature resquests of minigames and game modes that do have mechanisms like the ones i listed, later maybe ill put some links in :slight_smile:

There was also a minor looking statement of something along the lines of under achiever and overachiever troops getting adjusted along with Bone Dragon and Gloom Leaf.

In the past, some these tweaks have put a lot of life back into the game.

So you never know what else is hitting in this patch along with the Guild Wars to keep it fresh.


I am looking forward to GW, sure.

I do hope that the subsequent updates come a bit faster and also:

  • fix more bugs, and address QoL issues (seriously think a little tlc to bugs and background stuff would position game to grow/monetise even better in future)
  • add more mini games or different play modes, with hot favourites being:
    • crafting mini game, ideally spending souls
    • survival / gauntlet / endless battle mode
    • guild-wide raids on super bosses and challenges
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But, honestly, is it really anything NEW?
you will still be doing the exact same thing you normally do, but throw in a few daily guild battles. Nothing exciting is happening. Just an additional way to get rewards. It’s not bringing anything new to the table, just more of what we already have. A way to get rewarded for doing PVP battles. It isn’t anything that changes your gameplay, events actually seem to be a bigger add on than guild wars in terms of content. It gets you to switch things up.

The gameplay is getting stale with pointless troop after pointless troop being added every week, and nothing meta shaking for months and months and months… stagnant. I’m finding it hard to keep my attention here and find myself slagging through my seals grind and then quitting.

Whenever a new interesting powerful troop that is effective is added I get a second wind. I’m still waiting for that, as Dragon Soul was my last game changer and I’m now growing bored. I use a variety of teams but the thing is that I’ve played for a year and those teams are just old and boring since I’ve used them so long. I don’t like doing the exact same thing a million times, so switching up my teams and also new content captures my attention.

We have been in a long content drought and none of the new troops have been appealing to me, so I’m really hoping that the update after guild wars will add something to counteract that and that it will be quicker than this.

Guild wars has been a developmental nightmare it seems. Lots of delays/setbacks to ensure quality, which I respect and do not fault them for. I’d rather they take their time to make something good rather than sacrifice that. But on that same note… I also want content that fits my play style.

Guild wars does not. And I am not excited for it because it doesn’t add anything new. More of the same old same old. I’m hoping they make some balancing changes at least.

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Actually Guild Wars is more like Events than normal PvP in that, to maximize GW points you’ll need to field teams you most likely don’t currently use and weigh the pros and cons of fielding a potentially weaker team that will maximize your GW points but that has an increased chance of losing or do you field a stronger team that won’t yield as many GW points but that you’re more confident will win.

I understand that PvP isn’t necessarily everyone’s cup of tea but it is a huge part of GoW, much more so than say Treasure Hunt or Arena. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for additional, new modes of play but PvP was definitely due for some love and I think/hope GW is exactly what was needed to give it something fresh without completely changing the way most people play and enjoy GoW.


But what if I don’t care about maximizing? Winning the battle will still reward you. The most important part is winning the battle to get the weekly rewards (plus the daily ones would be nice as well for the passive bonus)

For people that don’t maximize and still use the same teams nothing has changed, same concept as the event system… but I say that events are better /more content mostly because it helps switch up the meta and the teams you face (well, event troops + bone dragon). Comparing it to events was a side comment and not the sole purpose of my post, of course.

I might be in the minority here, but I really don’t want to see any more minigames (eg., any mode where you can’t use your own troops and your own level of progression is moot) if they are intended to be played more than a couple times per week. A huge, huge problem with treasure hunt is that you need to do it over and over and over and over to get anywhere with the rewards, to the point where it both isn’t fun anymore and you also realize it wasn’t very rewarding to begin with either (and it ends up eating all the time where you could actually use any of the rewards). Minigames should supplement the experience, not be another thing to “grind”. Other modes, like explore, or even modes where you use your own troops but the battles have new rules would be infinitely preferable.

I’m very anti-hype on Guild Wars because I haven’t seen anything that will really shake up gameplay for me. The whole color restriction for bonus points thing is a novelty that is going to wear off very quickly, especially if that fourth troop of the same color doesn’t add a massive score bonus, especially when you are far better off with five wins with no boosts than four wins with the highest possible boost if the preview numbers don’t get significantly changed. So many teams already use three troops sharing one color and a generator of two different colors, so its not like you are really going that far out of your comfort zone building a team around that paradigm. And teams that use four of the same color are bad for a reason, a big part of that reason reason being that they get mana starved hard on bad boards, making them extremely annoying to play and in most cases putting a huge amount of reliance on the starting board. And given you have a good four of one color team, how likely are you to switch it up next week? Or the week after? Or the week after that?

What I’d really like to see is more board mod troops with effects of magnitude. Troops that reward seeing unconventional patterns to get your extra turn while also having a good magnitude effect. Krystenax is a good example of this, albiet a bit ahead of the power curve at base, the gem removal is the part of the spell that makes me really like this troop. Dragonian Monk is a missed opportunity for a board mod to have a magnitude effect, since he is entirely defensive. The last two legendaries were missed opportunities for having decent magnitude effects but no board mod, relegating them to relative obscurity the instant their event week ended. Finding a team that uses board mod to chain spells together in a new way that is actually effective will always breathes new life into the game for me - usually much more than slogging through trying to find effective teams for subpar mythics that I spend way too much resources getting and traiting and almost always leaving disappointed.

I get that a troop a week is a pretty hellish pace and you have to put out a lot of “filler” or we’d end up going through all the good ideas right away, but there are a ton of board mods methods that have hardly been touched. It’d be nice if a decent higher end board modding troop came along every once a month or so.

Board mod effects we could use (consider a magnitude effect something that does a significant amount of damage):

  • convert a gem to x color gem and create y more and (secondary effect) - currently only used by Eternal Flame, a single color hero event weapon
  • convert a single gem to x color gem and (secondary effect, possibly conditional) - currently only used for skulls by Aziris
  • remove/destroy all skulls and (magnitude effect) - used to very minimal effect by Zombie, Skullblade, and Orc
  • convert skulls to a specific color and (magnitude effect) - not currently used, Finley converts skulls to a chosen color
  • convert gems of x color to y color and (magnitude effect) - currently only used with any sort of magnitude by Terraxsis, Infernal King and Forest Guardian if you count fixed skull converts and Keeper of Souls if you count universal skull converts
  • convert gems of y color to chosen color and (secondary effect) - currently only used by Dark Maiden, to extremely poor effect
  • destroy a (row, column, both, etc) and (secondary effect), gain an extra turn if x or more gems of y color were destroyed
  • new types of controlled destroy patterns with decent secondary effects, preferably heavily offensive. If the effect is defensive, at least make it cleanse.
  • new universal converters for every color that have at least one different mana color and different secondary effects. They don’t need to loop perfectly with another converter like alchemist/hellcat or seer/spider (actually prefer they didn’t), but having more color options and secondary effects would be nice.
  • more legendary double-converters. possible even triple converters? or convert one color to another and remove a third. lots of possibilities here, so long as the secondary effect doesn’t stink

I hope there will be some unique bonus for each guild war (same for 2 fighting guilds). Like, for each dragon in your team you will get bonus, bonus for poisoned enemies, etc. Then you have motivation to use different deck each week.

TL;DR This game definitely needs more mini games. It breaks up the monotony of pvp over and over and over again. Bejeweled 3 has tons of mini games. Why not steal uh I mean borrow some ideas from that game.


Can all game development, new troops, all new updates please be put on hold until the whole “send the player back to map screen after every explore” is fixed? I mean grinding for stones is such a big part of the game that this annoyance just gets exponentially more annoying than anything else. I have like 50 Arcane Lavas I need to grind and this is driving me insane :tired_face: uuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh :tired_face:


I definitely agree with the proposed.

The mini-games do not entirely have to be the next generation of farming fiesta. It just has to be “kind of rewarding” to be played and offer a change of pace.
I’ve seen several people ditch the game just because it felt so circular, promoting PvP spam.

Yes, please.

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