Merlantis Under the Sea challenge ends with Internal Error


What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
Finished the last challenge, Under the Sea, of Merlantis at normal difficulty. Instead of going to the rewards I get an internal error prompt and I am back on the map.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Finish the challenge and wait for the error. Tested it 3 times.

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Recorded on PC running the game from Steam on Win7.

New Kingdom - Merlantis

Same thing happening here


same here, on PC


Same here on Mobile


Same here pc


Same, Warlord 4 though but also on PC.


Getting the same here on mobile.


Same here on IOS mobile. I was able to complete them all except for the last set of 5.


Same here too.


Same problem for me on PC


Hey guys,

We’ve put a fix out that should allow you to finish this challenge now.

You may need to restart your game to get the change.


Even on your days off you still are working. We truly have the best development team in this game.