"Internal Error" on PvP

I seem to be getting an “Internal Error” whenever I try to enter the PvP part of the app and get booted back to the main menu since this morning. Is anyone else seeing this?

It seems to be happening on two different PCs/accounts, and on my linked IPad. If it is a server issue or something I’m surprised I’m not seeing anything on the forums about it.

The only other thing I could think of I setup a new router this weekend, so maybe something is getting blocked? But I thought I had been able to enter the PvP screen on Sunday.

I noticed that someone else was having this issue several days ago @Zemekiss. I found the thread and will link it here for you, good luck.

Apparently CliffyA solved the problem for this person so perhaps you could tag him and he could help you.

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Thanks @Macawi!

@CliffyA, I’m not sure it’s 100% the same issue, but it is the same sort of error message, and only showing up in one part of the game. Is there anything wrong that might have broken my account for PvP? Or maybe my guild’s account for PvP?

And whatever it was, it’s gone. I can enter PvP again. Never mind!

I was about to let you know it’s now fixed. I was just waiting for the roll out to complete :stuck_out_tongue:. Thanks for letting us know it works again.

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