Mercy's third trait nerfed?


I could have sworn she was Empowered earlier today, and now she’s Regeneration. Stealth nerf?

Sirrian commented in her thread: “
The TEXT is correct - she does have Cleanse, but the traits are incorrect - her final trait is Empowered, not Regeneration.” So either the devs changed their mind, or else something got borked in a server-side update…


Just noticed it. Looks like they nerfed it.


I’ve got ‘allies gain 5 armor’ instead of cleanse and regeneration instead of empowered now… this is what it used to be right before release. I have no idea what is going on.

Hopefully noted in the announcement for today’s event.


Also got that all allies gain 5 armor.


Yep, I see that now too. Certainly won’t complain about that; would make her a Paladin’s best friend, between the divine type, yellow generation, and armor boost!


Empowered was a mistake…Regeneration was actually intended. The Mercy’s Sake event pic shows Regeneration as the third trait.


Nevermind the devs said the trait was supposed to be Empowered. I’m confused now. Forgive my error.


If I understand well Mercy 1.0.8 has Reg and +5 Armor and Mercy 1.0.9 has Empowered + Cleanse.
Last week, devs quickly change the 1.0.8 version to the 1.0.9 (don’t know why). And this week, they seems to change their mind… Maybe the 1.0.9 patch is postponed.
So, now we have back the 1.0.8 version. And in next patch we will have again the 1.0.9 one… if I understand well ;-).


Hi Guys,

When we were deploying the files for tonight’s event out, an old file managed to sneak its way in. We’re currently working to correct this and restore Mercy to her proper state.


Looks like she’s back to Empowered and cleansing. Thanks for the fast turnaround! :heart: