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Mercy requires a rebalance {Changed my mind}

Mercy has Empowered, it should, no NEEDS, Fast.

Console version got Blighted Lands and Infernal King today and Mercy is the lynchpin to dozens of way-too-powerful teams.

I completed 82 battles with The Great Maw/IK/Mercy/Sheggra;

82 wins, 0 losses
1:07 average time for each battle

23 battles where I had an ideal Mercy board, allowing a first-turn cast.
21 of those battles the AI had ZERO moves
0:42 average time for each of these “ideal” battles

This is literally the definition of overpowered. It feels like cheating using Mercy. If you (developers) disagree, then you don’t know your own game well enough. Not meaning to attack or sound harsh, but it’s really obvious how strong Mercy is. Too strong.


Insert rasberry. I like my games under 2 minutes.

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I disagree with the statement that she’s OP.

She is only “OP” with very specific comps. Aka with Maw and a skull spam team… Which is very very strong.

She, herself, is fine.


Except I can run Peasant/IK/Mercy/Sheggra with the same results, or even Gorgotha/Bone Dragon/Mercy/Green Slime.

It’s Mercy. You disagree, it’s because you want an Easy Button.

Unlike most others here, I don’t post this stuff with a hidden selfish agenda. I report exploits that benefit players, I aim to improve the game as a whole.

There really is no excuse to have Mana generators/transformers with Empowered. It’s the single most powerful tool at a player’s expense and having it ready-to-go on your first turn is insane.

I can literally never lose another battle again if I use Mercy. No thanks, I refuse to use her ever again out of principle.

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I do find mercy to be very strong, but also extremely counterable. Consoles still don’t have Spirit Fox or the Dark Maiden rework, both of which hard counter Mercy. Mercy after her first cast is basically a non-threat. She can even make a game 5v3 if the board is aligned for her to miss and give the opponent 5x+.


How come everyone always brings up Defense and counters?

I’m not losing to Mercy, I’m winning 99-100% without thinking. That’s flat-out ridiculous. Counters don’t matter because the AI is retarded and probably won’t even use them properly.


I do find myself tripping over statements like this when I try to follow your line of reasoning.

My experience corresponds to Tacet’s statements above. I was about to say something similar. I have no problem countering her and I do not get roflstomped by teams using her.

This is just my humble opinion. You are most certainly free to disagree without my insisting that you have “like most others here” a “hidden selfish agenda” or a desire for an “Easy Button.”


Again, the issue isn’t facing Mercy, it’s that using Mercy takes strategy out of a STRATEGY GAME.


If you haven’t played against Spirit Fox or Manticore, you can’t say that counters don’t matter. Since Mercy is empowered, the AI will cast on her unless you have another troop with empowered. If they cast, you are set back at least two or three turns (or in the case of Spirit Fox, she is essentially useless as there are no more yellows on the board).

If most of your battles are similar to those in your “When Great Maw is Superfluous” video then your view may be a little skewed because that defense team was very weak.


We (on PC) just recently got data that showed the most used troops. Mercy is right even with the stronger cards, but is not at the top, which implies that she can’t be THAT op. If she was so brokenly OP like you claim, more people would be using her than they are.

No one is making you have her on your team :slight_smile:

P.S. I don’t have so much of a hidden agenda as much as I have an expectation for games to be close to 2 minutes. Max at 4. If the comp is interesting enough and intriguing to play, maxed at 5 minutes.

Any more time spent than 3-4 though, is not very optimal for your rewards… 2 is my preferred but I’m not so unreasonable that I don’t see others points that it’s an “easy” button. While I will argue that it is a good thing for the game to comply to all levels of plays I will not let that stomp over all my opinions. So, for your knowledge, my “agenda” is 2-4 minute game, which is not too much to ask for. You have a hidden agenda as well (don’t be hypocritical) Don’t assume otherwise next time :slight_smile:

And, with that in mind, Mercy is not OP because she is not consistent. You only sometimes can spark her first. That is the single reason why I don’t find her OP. More often than not she is not going to go on the first turn, but this saves you from filling her up (very nice for a blue team where she’s on the bottom and color blocked) and when the board is good you can use her.

And counters actually are a fair thing to point out. If you are running against a manticore, as an example, he will drain Mercy’s mana on his turn (unless you run other empowered in your team), so if the match isn’t set up for you to smartly use her skill then you’re going to lose it, which negated her entire trait.

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This is exactly my experience with Mercy. Hence, I rarely use her on offense.


Granted, I can see why you value Mercy less on PC, but these counters are far away, 3+ months. We on the Console side are 2 Kingdoms (2-3 months) and 54 Troops behind (minimum 20 weeks, even if we did 2x immediately).

If you are saying we have to “tough it out” because you guys did, then I begrudgingly accept the circumstance. I still reserve the right to hold the opinion that we get a state-sponsored Easy Button for 2-3 months.

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I just ran the team for 4 matches, yes they were quick, but no valk. So now it leaves me with the decision of games that are about a minute faster, or games that will help me star kingdoms. Which I personally think is a good thing.

Mercy for Gold
Valkyrie for Souls.
Tyri for Maps (Glory)

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I’ve been saying this for a long time…

It makes for a sad (and a bit ridiculous) arms race if we have to rely on contrived counters to counter-act things that could be easily tweaked to bring them back to parity…

Mercy would still be an excellent epic troop if she had Fast instead of Empowered…


Well it might even suit her.

Consider you get non-ideal first-turn Mercy boards way more often and she sits charged a lot, you now have Green/Blue matches that don’t feel wasted.

Not with empowered troops that drain mana.

No, she’d still be an excellent troop and work well.

I repeat my point that we have this daft empowered race where counters have to get empowered to be any use. Empowered should be put on troops very selectively, and never on a troop with gem changing or serious board control.

Let’s at least have to play a few gem matches before we start spamming our moves in order.


People have a problem with mercy but where was those complaints almost a year ago on her release or even when maw came out months later? Mercy was originally a purple counter to stop certain teams of those times. Now that it has seen major use and abuse on both sides and has counters against itself, the call for a nerf comes again.

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What if Empowered gave troops N-1 Mana (So start with 11 out of 12 mana for example)
This would be better than fast, but not usable before taking a turn (though a lucky 4 or 5 match may allow you to still cast it during your first turn)
There could then be a new Trait that was more limited/targeted to allow troops to cast spells immediately (Ambush or Prepared)