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Medals should be linear, not RNG

This game is largely RNG; fair enough. But medals can be a game changer especially in guild wars or non event delving at pure 500. I currently have 30 troops I can medal to gold (I am not talking common troops) but still don’t have a single nysha medal. A guild mate has 44 troops at gold and is one token shy of his 3rd nysha medal. Clearly my RNG has been appalling in this regard but the consequences of said “bad luck” inhibit my teams in the 2 areas mentioned. Medals need to be linear because they are of huge impact. Or they need to be craftable so we can play on a level playing field. My level is over 1300 so it’s not as if I haven’t put in some effort. But I am finding that I can be smashed by sub 1000 teams purely on account of nysha. How is this remotely acceptable?

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Since you’ve been 2-3 tokens away for the past 30 days.

I highly suggest more explore playing and less forums lexicon learning. :grinning:

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And this is contributory in what respect?

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That’s weird to be honest. Sounds more like using bad counter-team vs whatever your opponent was using.
Or them using a very good counter vs your defense.

I have 0 problems winning vs 3xnysha teams without using a single nysha on my side… Sometimes they win, but i blame that more on RNG, rather than them having nysha medals…

I am talking wars defence. I can beat most teams in attack but the nysha boost would be nice to get it done quicker. I am a big fan of the gray king and q beetrix but having zero nysha is a delay in winning. My point is about linear medal awards

My humble guess is you dont play as much E12 as you think.
If i remember correctly the ods are ~1Nysha token per 20 chest oppenings.
I have only really counted one time and i got 22 tokens from 2155 games, a little better then the ods but still pretty much on pair with what could be expected.

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I only play level 12

1 nysha from 20 boss chests. Clearly I exhibit that that is not the case

Please stay on topic. Linear or not?

Its still Rng, you can, and will, go double or tripple that amount without getting one. But over an “infinte” amount of games you will have tokens droped according to the odds. And I still believe you dont play as many e12 games as you think. Start counting and post the result, 540 chests should give you ~3 medals. But that is still a rather small sample so dont be surprised if it takes 700 chests. (Or with luck, fewer)

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So my OP isn’t sufficient evidence of the alarming difference in RNG?. Or has my request for linearity been completely ignored in every subsequent response?

It might have at least something to do with not delineating what a “linear” model would mean, in your mind.

What I imagine is something like:

Guaranteed the first 10 tokens are Gaard, the next 7 are Yasmine, the next 5 are Cedric, the next 3 are Aranaea, the next 2 Anu, then 1 Nysha before the pattern repeats.

And I don’t think I’d like it if only for the fact that, to accommodate the devs’ desired droprates, the numbers would be something more like 100/75/125/50/10/1, so it would be a long, long slog to get what you want, with no way to get lucky and have it faster.

I’m hoping medals (and deeds) come into some sort of other reward structure(s) as Treasure Maps and Arena are reworked. An Anu medal is at least equivalent to an orb in terms of reward for me at this point, and is probably equivalent to a Major Orb, so I’d like to get one or two dropped from weekly events each week :man_shrugging:


point is you haven’t posted any numbers. For all i know you can finish 5 runs in an hour and believe you have bad Rng just because it took you an hour. Nothing in your post tells me one way or the other.

You dont have a nysha medal and they have 3, isnt the most obvious answer that they have farmed more? You have no idea have many e12 games they have under their belt. I dont get whats so unfair.


I have posted numbers in terms of the number of troops I can medal. Admittedly this does not equate to actual battles but the comparison with a guild mate stats is meant to illustrate the lack of parity in this regard.

Im sorry but I don’t understand your reasoning. If you don’t know how many e12 games you and your guild mate have finished then how is the difference in how many troops you can gold of any significance?


Surely it’s apparent in some weird RNG fashion. He has 50 PC more medalled troops despite not exceeding an appropriate effort. My"pull" is way less
What’s with your confusion?

Well the good news is you get 100% drop rate on a whole Nysha medal for 35 doooooooolars if you happen to pull a new mythic. They tried to get me to bite the last two times I pulled mythics. Sonomagun!

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His confusion comes with your assumption of equal rates leading to different outcomes.

If you said “We each did 100 runs. He got 10 Nysha tokens, and I got 1,” then the disparity would be clear. Or even if you said, “We each play 5 hours of Explore a day — he has 3 Nysha Medals, and I have only a Badge,” then there would be some basis for comparison (but this would obviously lead to differences in play speed, level of the run, etc…)

With the information you’ve provided, it’s pretty easy for someone to claim that time invested, rather than RNG, is the root of the cause. I’m not saying that’s the case — drop rates are so low that being unlucky for awhile can really be felt — but I am saying the only way to “beat” RNG is to do more runs (thus “leveling out” the luck-curve) or increase the drop rate for everyone so that getting the first 3 medals wasn’t such a hurdle (but then people who play more/faster would still have more overall, just wouldn’t be able to globally equip more than 3 so the disparity isn’t as meaningful) :man_shrugging:


Medals should be upgradable…not sure if I agree with linear.


I agree with the notion of upgrading medals.

Three (or four, whatever) medals of one rarity should be able to upgrade to the next higher rarity.