Medal of Ananaea vs. Medal of Seasons

I totally see your point but in the current climate of stifling restrictive measures on every useful end game resource, there is no way that the devs are gonna give us a helping hand with anything that promotes progress. Seasons is indirectly a bought resource and it’s rarity is set to reflect that. Some players have colossal gem and cash spending power and they will hammer this medal buying opportunity with relish even if the base rarity is reduced, which i definitely expect to happen.

Why not just change the Medal of Seasons to +4 Health, +4 Armor, +2 Attack, +1 Magic? Would be perfectly in line with the value the game attributes to stat bonuses and feel quite appropriate for the seasons theme.


Hello, it’s been a while.

Could the Aranaea Medal get a buff to 5-6 attack? As it stands, it’s a completely useless Medal if you have 3 Seasons.

The season medal is another example of the shortsightedness of these devs.

When it released it made the Aranaea medals obsolete.

I’m just going to assume “groundwork” or just a “visual bug.”

+6 to attack instead of the 4 is a reasonable and easy solution.

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Aranea medal is just used for upgrading. Keep 3 medal of seasons - they are far superior. Even The green/white ones are for upgrading. Don’t even need to hold them in inventory. In hardly any case, will the extra 4 life/armor matter, if you are giving up 4 attack.

Poor design not to improve the purple/green/white medals once seasons were introduced. Very odd decision to make nearly new items obsolete.

While on the topic of medals, maybe Medal of Anu could be recoded/tweaked so it could stack up with effects already giving 50% mana to troops.

I think something like:

  • Badge of Anu: Allied troops gain 1 mana at the start of the battle.
  • Medal of Anu: Allied troops gain 3 mana at the start of the battle.

New medals/badges could also be created to fill a lot of niche uses that may create interesting effects for different color base teams like:

  • Badge of Fire: Gain +1 mana when matching Red Gems.
  • Medal of Fire: Gain +1 mana when matching Red Gems. Red Allies are immune to Burning and gain +1 Attack each turn.
  • Badge of Wild: Gain +1 mana when matching Green Gems.
  • Medal of Wild: Gain +1 mana when matching Green Gems. Green Allies are immune to Poison and gain +1 Life each turn.
  • Badge of Mountain: Gain +1 mana when matching Brown Gems.
  • Medal of Mountain: Gain +1 mana when matching Brown Gems. Brown Allies are immune to Stun and gain +1 Armor each turn.
  • Badge of Light: Gain +1 mana when matching Yellow Gems.
  • Medal of Light: Gain +1 mana when matching Yellow Gems. Yellow Allies are immune to Disease and gain +1 Armor each turn.
  • Badge of Water: Gain +1 mana when matching Blue Gems.
  • Medal of Water: Gain +1 mana when matching Blue Gems. Blue Allies are immune Frozen and gain +1Life each turn.
  • Badge of Darkness: Gain +1 mana when matching Purple Gems.
  • Medal of Darkness: Gain +1 mana when matching Purple Gems. Purple Allies are immune to Deathmark and gain +1 Attack each turn.

But well, such new medals or changes wouldn’t be so useful unless the devs would also rework the UI system for the medals so we could equip different setups on EACH team.
They are missing the opportunity of making the medals more relevant because of that restriction/lack of planning…

I like that straight add idea. If they don’t stack and lets be honest, the only viable teams are those with multiple angles of synergy. One most importantly a mana % start, these medals are basically fodder. Dare I say, just another “currency” in essence.

And a very bad currency because they can be easily dismissed since they don’t stack at all. Something I’m pretty sure could be easily fixed if they would have planned better and coded the whole structure of the start of the battle to allow different types of triggers depending of the sources…

But well, since they didn’t straight up adding mana could be different enough, I guess, to make it work, and with 1~3 mana you achieve something close to the 20% intended for troops with higher mana costs. Troops with lower mana costs would basically get nearly 40% to 50% mana with Medal of Anu, but those are usually weaker troops so their spells are not very powerful/game changing if they have one “free” cast.

When Medals were first introduced, I was excited, because the promise was that “we can do so many cool things with these and we’ll keep adding more with neat effects.” Yet as we draw close to a year after their release, only 1 Medal has been added to the original set (Seasons), and that Medal makes another Medal obsolete entirely (Aranaea). Something as simple as giving Aranaea +1 attack (for a total of 5 each) would make Aranaea useful in certain situations (irongut builds, for example). Seems like an easy fix to me.

The whole Medals system seems majorly underused, in my opinion. With a lack of Medals added and at least one useless/broken, Medals right now appear to be primarily a way to timegate Elite Levels. Not having Medals per team hurts the entire system a lot, which could be why we don’t see more Medals today.

I’m hoping if/when Medals can be attached per team, we’ll see new Medals and updates to broken ones.


Figured I’d bump this thread as Aranaea medals are still entirely useless. Hoping for a minor buff for them to make them worthwhile!

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Both are reasonable solutions. I guess I would lean towards making Medal of Aranaea be +6 attack (or even +8) instead of taking attack away from the Medal of Seasons, unless the magic added was equivalent to the attack removed.

Even at +6 attack for Aranaea medals, I would probably still go with Seasons medals for most of my skull based teams as the extra life and armor can help. But at +8 attack, I could definitely see myself using Aranaea medals instead.

They are not going to give us an extra 2/4 attack per medal. No way. I think the season medal is a special medal you can buy with gems in events. The others will not get a buff because they are earned in explore and folks can get as many as they want via playing for free. The devs want you to spend gems and money. It’s how they make their living.

That argument may hold weight until you get 3 season medals. What incentive is there to spend gems after that point?

My opinion is making aranaea +6 wouldn’t break the game but would at least add more choices when equipping medals, currently nobody uses them because seasons medals exist.


I agree with @Madd_Hurricane +6 attack is not enough to outweigh the life and armor bonus from seasons.
However if medal of seasons would give +2 attack +4 life/armor +1 magic, and aranea would give +6 attack that would be worth considering.
But an easy solution I would like to see +8 attack on medal of aranea


When I get more than 3 seasons medals I use them to upgrade troops. I’m not seeking a buff or fighting against one either. I just think there are better places for the Devs to spend their time.

I agree with the above.

The problem with medals is that there are simply not enough of them, and the top 2 rarities are so costly to medal. Whilst it’s not on the subject of stats, the availability of Aranaea anyway is somewhat low anyway.

I’d sooner Devs invest their time in providing more accesss to medals, rather than waste it on +2 or +1 here or there. Maybe we could merge a Seasons Medal with an Aranaea medal to make the equivalent of an Anu for an upgrade, giving stats and 10%? start. It doesn’t devalue Anu, and gives you options as a player. That way Aranaea’s become better usable as upgrade material, and you can always keep 3 MoS for the stats anyway. Yep, might mean spending some gems for more MoS, but I’d spend gems in events to get a few more higher rarity medals to upgrade.

Also, allow lower rarity medals to be used with badges from events to make 1 rarity higher.

The time involved to switch a 4 to a 6 is very minimal.

More medals is just a nerf to nysha drops, which are the only ones that really matter.

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Not if they don’t alter the drop rates based upon rarity, which is how it currently works :man_shrugging:

Adding a new epic medal, for instance, would just make it harder to get Aranaea (and whatever the new medal was would be half as likely as Aranaeas currently are as well, if the odds were distributed evenly)