Unique Event Medals

To date, World Event medals have boosted skull damage, spell damage, or both. Medals can do a whole bunch of things, and I know a lot of players would love to see them thematically linked to each World Event!

For example, the recent Black Ice event could have had a medal such as “deal X% more damage to frozen enemies.”

I’d love to hear more ideas of what else event medals could do!


Some great ideas from a while back:


It’s Bright Forest, so i guess it would kind of fit kingdom theme:

Badge: 40% boost spell damage in event + 50% chance to fairy fire random enemy on match 4/5
Medal: 160% spell boost in event + 100% chance to fairy fire random enemy on match 4/5

The extra effect might stay after event. So, you could switch one of year medals for having fairy fire on random enemy with match4/5. Would be usefull in pure faction attempts in delves etc.

Other ideas:
Merlantis Bagde/Medal: 30% to submerge/100% on troop cast.
Urskaya: 30%/100% to gain Enrage on 1st troop.


Many kingdoms have their favorite “effect”, which could be adjusted to medals. Also medals that would give an extra trait to your troops could be fun:

Khaziel Badge: 10% chance to give Fortitude to random ally on start of battle. Medal: 50% chance to five Fortitude to random ally on start of battle.

Just some ideas…

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Definitely some nice concepts!

So we got medals, which are stat sticks. We got a campaign, which gives you an artifact, which is a stat stick. Why would you presume they could do more than a stat stick?

Some techy person looked into it a long while back. I have no idea what thread it was on and don’t have the tie to look for it.

Anyone know if/where someone confirmed medals can do much more than boost stats?

@NerdieBirdie the relevant links and sources are all linked.

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I think the way medals are implemented, they are basically add-on traits for the teams. So there’s no reason why the trait couldn’t be more interesting than the basic “+ skull/spell damage”. Though it would require some work, event medals are a bit more involved and anything beyond adding what current medals do would (hopefully) take a good amount of testing.

+1 for the request. Actually different event medals would make things more interesting, as long as they made sense with the teams that were possible to build given the event restrictions

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I don’t believe the devs have any interest in putting any extra work to make interesting things with the medals. Their current model is supported by the numbers of people buying the shop tiers and using said medals, so by that alone they can simply say it’s working and everyone is having fun. So why would they feel any need to change it?

No matter how good the ideas are, the devs are not interested in making a good game anymore. They are just interested in milking the cow$.

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Thanks for sharing your opinion, but could you please stay on topic and maybe share some ideas? :slight_smile:

I noticed every now and than, some ideas people throw on forums are being implemented in … some sort.

If you take a small part of your time and check the second post made by NerdieBirdie you’ll see he picked some of my general ideas suggested in the past. If you would care to check some of my old posts you would find many occasions where I was engaged and instigated such discussions that could benefit the game and the players. But no more.

I believe it’s a waste of time. Given how the developers have been engineering things with each “brand new feature” they keep doing the bare minimum effort, and no matter how GREAT the ideas are, they can simply keep delivering their bare minimum effort, and people will keep supporting them.

Seen it all(or most of it). My statement still stays same. There’s a lot of negativity here on forums.

And why is that? Is it because those players are mean spirited or because said developers burnt every shred of good will over the years? For good measure, everyone can see the pinnacle of their “hard work” with this new legendary troop which has the same effect as the legendary trait from Behemot.

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It because of unmet expectations. From what i’m observing people have lots of expectations and get enfuriated quite easily, when those expectations aren’t met.
Easiest example:

Was it ever promissed that every legendary/mythic troop will have unique 3rd trait? I dont know, but maybe it was in some prehistory like 4 years ago? 5 years ago… game has changed a lot since that

That also goes with people that suggest things. They throw lots of ideas and expect they will be implemented ASAP. Or at least in near future. And even if some of community suggestions ARE implemented, people tend to completely ignore them or undermine it. Simple example would be some QoL changes to Arena in 5.3, which were suggested by community.

People have way to high expectations… it looks to me like: i’ll go and post few ideas on forums and they should throw everything they are working on and get it done for me. Like in drive-through fast-food, when i order my meal at 1 window and get it done few seconds later at 2nd window…

This seems like an excuse to justify their creative bankruptcy and blind support: “Things CHANGED and the proof of that is that the devs will do the SAME THING.”

I’ll leave the discussion for now since I’m sure you are expecting people to jump in this thread and post all the ideas that could be considered in 2~3 years and everything should be fine. Good luck.

Was just thinking about this today… it’s always the same boost to skull and spell damage. But event medals could be wild, because they aren’t used against other players, they only last a week, and they’re only usable in the event.

Badge of Lightning: Deal 40 scatter damage on Skull damage.
Medal of Lightning: Deal 160 scatter damage on Skull damage.

Badge of Curse: Inflict a random status effect on all enemies at the beginning of the battle.
Medal of Curse: Inflict a random status effect on all enemies at the start of my turn.

Badge of Empowerment: Give 3 Mana to each Troop when my turn begins.
Medal of Empowerment: Give 6 Mana to each Troop when my turn begins.


I suspect it’s the only thing they are able to do, other than stat sticks. The campaign artifact has more options, I doubt they integrated that into the medal system. I’m actually quite happy they aren’t tinkering with event medals, the chance for them to get the balancing right feels next to zero. Like with your Medal of Curse, it’s a neat idea but far less powerful than +160% to skull/spell damage, it would only work out if battles scaled far more slowly for that week.

When the World Event was introduced devs said that it would allow them to be more creative with things like medals. If they can do it for heroic gems they could for medals if they really wanted. I think they just can’t be bothered - easier just to keep cranking out the same old events and move on to the next new shiny thing


Well, that’s not really the point. They don’t need to make medals that are more and more powerful, they need to make medals that are varied and unique and fun.


I believe it’s very much the point. It’s not about making medals more and more powerful, it’s about keeping the medal power and the event difficulty in sync, ensuring there isn’t some insane spike as players progress through the event.

In other words, I’m all for varied/unique/fun medals. But if the medal benefit of the week is a jingle playing based on the color of the match then please don’t make battles gain 30 levels each fight, as if we were still using +spell damage medals. Given some past controversies about +skull damage medals on weeks without any skull generating troops my confidence in this getting done right isn’t exactly high.