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Maugrim Woods kingdom level not working?

The first cards that grew on me were the wildfolk. I use Druid, Shadow-Hunter, Ranger, and Barberius. When I go to the kingdom screen, my totals add to just over 1000, but my progress bar says 240/600. Anyone know why that might be?

Do you have a grey star near the kingdom name?

Unlike the PC version, the console version doesn’t show the additive values of what you need to reach the next power level.

So while on the PC it would show:

Console would show:

If you had 1500 points in the level, it would look like this:

PC: 1500/1700
Console: 300/500

They mean the same though.

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I do have grey star. Thanks!

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By the way, little headsup.

Shadow-Hunter belongs to Pridelands, not Maugrim Woods.
Though you might’ve been thinking of another troop and wrote the wrong name, either ways!

I meant shadow-hunter for who I used, but I switched him for Herdmaster as I didn’t think of mana gain from other cards. I also switched ranger (though I love him) for Ragnagord.

I now use:
Druid (epic with first two traits)

Any tips on optimizing the deck? I also recently got crimson bat (and have too many other cards to know what to do with). Currently working on traiting.

I know an old favorite of mine was:

Soothsayer (You don’t got him yet, I believe, but you’ll love him. Keep Ragnagord in the mean time.)
Valkyrie (Purely for Souls and maybe also helping Druid)

The more traits the better for this lineup.

We’re not THAT far behind. We do have Soothsayer now. For several weeks now too.

I can’t keep up with what you do and don’t have, there’s no news to refer to. 6_9


First post if nothing else. :wink:

We do get Green Slime on Tuesday and Gob-chomper the week after if you’d like to know about console updates.

Any advice on traiting? I think I will try your lineup :slight_smile:

Can I switch Valk for alchemist when gold farming?

First Goal: (* = Traits)
Valkyrie** (If you be needing Souls)

After you get that far, I’d recommend finish up traiting Soothsayer, then do whatever from there. This team seriously only gets better with every trait earned, so you can pretty much do whatever, so long at it’s eventually completed!

I see no reason why not. Just a word of warning, Gold is capped at 110 (220 with Dragon armor, not counting difficulty), so don’t spend too much time in any given match after a couple casts from Alch.

And to back up @Zelfore, a fully traited Soothsayer is one of the best all around utility troops in the game. Board control, 15 mana generated, and +1 to everyone’s magic all for 9 mana (and he +1 Brown matches too). Plus he’s empowered at the 3rd trait so you can start filling the team right away. He’s a great troop.

Does the cap count in PvP? That’s all I would use alchemist for. Right now, I’m finishing the Windhelm (sp?) quests trying to get the second trait on Valkyrie :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice, both of you :slight_smile:

Yes it does though the gold reward you see listed is added after the capped gold from the match.

Hmm… I always seem to win about 2.6 times what is listed (with dragon armor)

The multiplier is the last thing to be factored in. So the reward is multiplied too.

2 exploders on the same team might be a bit much, consider swapping your least favorite for a sensible damage dealer or gem converter + dmg to speed up play.

There is NO way to “successfully gold farm” with the match gold limitation. If you need Gold just play PvP.

Your first priority (and only prioiry ) should be to upgrade and trait Valk. Period.

Valkyrie is a game changer allowing you to progress the game at a reasonable rate When possible always have Valk on your team.

Now using:

I may try switching out Sooth or Herd. If you have any recommendations, I’m all ears. Though legendary druid and skulls from exploding seem to do fine.

Also, I’ve noticed in PvP that if it says I will earn a certain amount of gold, the amount I get after the fight varies from like 2.2-3.5 times the amount (higher multiplier when gold is lower). Unfortunately I have not been able to find any info as to why. Set up is the same deck above with dragon armor.


Crushing it now with this lineup. Thanks!

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