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MATCH MASTERS (est 2014) Rank Top 20 - Harmonious Congenial Atmosphere πŸ˜€

Match Masters has been a high ranking guild from when the game launched in 2014 and is brimming with sociable enthusiastic players who enjoy all aspects of this game. We are not a guild of grinders. We have mappists, arenaists, pvpists, delvists, explorists and class levelists - all enjoying their GoW thing ! You MUST join our Discord as it’s how we communicate - and to tip each other off about Pet Rescues etc.

Requirements :-
English speaker essential

Join our Discord (an invite code will be given to you in game chat)

Minimum level 1000

Gold 1 million (Donate by Friday)

Seals 1200

Trophies 100

World/Tower of Doom etc - Buy min T2 in the shop and use all sigils daily until the final reward is achieved

Guild Wars - play all games (Currently B8)

If you too are enthusiastic about GoW and would like to be part of our guild please send me a personal message to introduce yourself and include your level and invite code.

Esslee. GL. Match Masters