The famous MATCH MASTERS has a DOUBLE opening on Sunday - book your places and join our Discord NOW πŸ˜€

We have two places opening up on Sunday. If you are a couple enjoying this great game, or have a friend who you would like to be in a guild with your chance has arrived !

MM has been a top ranking guild from when the game launched in 2014 and is filled with very sociable keen players who enjoy all aspects of this game. Our statues are lev 200, we complete Guild tasks on Monday morning, we do leggys galore. Although our minimums are much lower than the other top guilds we all generally do much more. We are very relaxed about how you play your Wars games. Mono or coloured - whatever you feel most comfortable with :grin: Since GW started we have bounced around the top 4 brackets and we are currently in B2. As GoW has developed over the years the emphasis on pvp has diminished and we now have many other things to do. To allow guildies the time to concentrate on Guild related events and all the other good stuff we REDUCED our weekly trophy minimum to 150. Our mins are
Trophies 150
Gold 600k (OR 250t/400k)
Seals 1200
Raids/Invasions/Tower of Doom Buy T2 in the shop and use all sigils until final reward is achieved
GW - play all games

We are not a guild of grinders. We have mappists, arenaists, delvists and pvpists. All enjoying their games.You will need to join our Discord as it’s how we communicate - and to tip each other off about Pet Rescues. Preference will be given to players with kingdoms mostly at level ten. It doesn’t matter what level you are as long as you can achieve at least the minimums.

If you would like to be part of our guild please send me a personal message with your level, invite name etc.

Esslee. GL. Match Masters

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Singles also welcome - you do not need to bring someone :grinning: