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Match Dungeon Color to GW Color

Now that there is another daily color themed aspect in Gems of War, Dungeons, can the color for Dungeons and Guild Wars share the same color?

Today was a green day, but we get red jewels from the Dungeon. This would allow people to invest jewles on a given day into troops for that day’s GW. It could help mid game players who need more GW options by giving them a way to learn more troops of that color on the day that it actually matters.

Also, on a somewhat related note, can all platforms of Gems of War run the same color day? So if PC/Mobile is blue, both console versions would also be blue.

From my understanding, PC/Mobile, PS4, and XBOX1 all run a different color day each day, unless they just randomly happen to align.


Bumping for visibility. This triggers me so hard. It makes NO sense!

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Bumping. Good ideas need to be seen.

And make monday the diamond day. It’ll all workout

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