Marthos Guardians - Rank 5


Yes, Bass. One slot is available.
If you are interested, leave current guild and I will sent invitation.


Done! :smile:


Invitation sent.
Don’t forget to join our FB group.


Tnx orbin , I joined another guild but it wasn’t competitive enough :disappointed: . So , I’m available again if you guys have another spot :blush:


Not yet Zoeo. Keep checking this thread for other options in future.


We have one spot available. If Zoeo is still interested, it is booked for him.
If someone else is interested, please leave the comment. Idealy note your average weekly trophy results.


Our weekly requirements have changed recently: now we ask 250 trophies and 350k golds by week.

Do you want this weekly Legendary troop? Who know maybe every week there will be another Legendary that you have to buy through Event chests. So you need gems… that’s good we do many gems :wink: .
Join our guild if you want these awesome Legendary troops! Gotta catch em all!


I have been in Rainmaker for a bit over a week. This guild has a great atmosphere, and I am happy to be a part of it. Overall they are a laid back group that remembers that this is a game played for fun. We have active chats in-game and on our Facebook page. Leadership keeps informed about changing game information and passes it on to us. They also give us weekly updates on how the guild is doing on collecting trophies and gold.

If anyone is looking for a relaxed guild that performs at a high level, Rainmaker is the best place for you.


I’ve been in Rainmaker for about 3 weeks and I love it! Active guild, active members, active chat, and insane gold donations from most. We have also a professional weekly update graph of current members stats that I enjoy looking at and comparing. We do online polls for everyones opinion.
If you want to be in a guild that is home, this is the place for you. You will be welcomed and listened to. Not forgotten and lost.

Come home already!



Rainmaker became the Marthos Guardians ;-).

5th guild on the leaderboard is looking for one new member to finish all these guild tasks and to have this 40k guild chest. This new recruit should be able to contribute at least 400k golds (500k will be perfect :wink: ), 250 trophies (could increase soon) and 1200 seals.



Can i join to your guild? I’m lvl 346 i always win +300 trophies, 1500 seals and donate all my money to the guild.

Currently i’m in another guild, if you’re interested let me know.

My invite code is *-(DEPA)-*


Hi DePa,

If “all your money” means 400k or more, you are welcome :slight_smile:
It is not mentioned in the latest post, only at the begining - other mandatory requirement is to joun our FB group “Marthos Guardians”. If this is not a problem, there is nothing more which can delay your joining :wink:
You can give your teammates proper goodbye and leave the guild. Once done, leave the message and I will invite you.



Sure! I send the request to join FB group and leave my current guild.

My invite code is *-(DEPA)-*


Oh Sorry DePa, I just realized that the member whoose place you will take did not leave, yet.
I am not guild leader so I cannot kick him. I can only invite.
Please wait a little. Once he leave or guild leader connects, you will receive invitation.
I will accept your request to FB group in the meantime.
You have some time to check a lot of info there :slight_smile:


Okey, thanks!


I’m still waiting, please send the request.

Invite code: *-(DEPA)-*


Please wait till morning. Turin, our guild leader is located in Japan so he will be online in the morning your time.


Btw, what’s the significance of Marthos Guardians? I feel like I’m missing a reference, and I was rather fond of Rainmaker as a guild name.


Sorry DePa, I was sleeping :slight_smile: . You were invited. Welcome.
Please join our FB group “Marthos Guardians”.

@Studs: Soon.


Okay well I might not be level 100 but I do pull more than my fair share of the weight in the guild I am currently a part of and I want to join a serious guild and if you guys want I even have a discord set up we could use. I currently donate 411,000 coins per week and I currently have 400 trophies for this week as well. I have an extremely strong team set up as well as being extremely active on top of it. Would love to hear back.