Marshal is recruiting 40k seals and legendary tasks rank 12(1 spot)


Spot open again.


Welcome join us.


Night Bump.



Welcome join us,1 spot open.


Do you have any Guild Wars requirements? I can do 500k-1M gold weekly and 1500 seals, but I don’t like GW at all at this point of my progress.


We are kind of “required” to do the 5 GW battles each day, but your result doesn’t matter. We’re just as happy whatever your results may be, and you don’t have to use single color troops. I left a top guild because I didn’d want to do GW, but the way Marshal does it is OK for me.


Just play it about guild,you can use pvp team do guild war.How much trophy you gain per week?


I did 2000 last week, but it was bit extreme. I only made that many, because I wanted to be in leaderboard. This week I have done 700 trophies.

My only problem is that your current GW requirement is basically same as in my current guild. My problem is that I have competitive nature, so I can’t just do normal pvp team in GW, when I know I should do colored teams to get higher points. I feel I let guild down and if we drop a bracket I feel it is because of me. It’s just stress me out.

That’s the main reason I started to look out for top guilds without GW requirements. I’m not sure if there are any guild like that. stratagemini might be best option in that field, but I’m not yet sure if they do 40k seals and legendary tasks… I still want highly active guild just not GW at the moment. When I get few good mythics and get my kindoms to 5 stars to be actually competitive in GW I might want to play it again.


Hey @ile! I fully understand your position and I hope you find a guild that fits your requirements. However, joing a guild like ours where we do all basic tasks and 25+ legendary tasks, is a “shortcut” to enable you to be comepetive faster. And every now and then you’ll even get a legendary/mythic troops from LTs to help you grow even further


Hello Ile.
I’m from stratagemini. I can tell you that we reach the 40k seals and this week we have done 5 LT.


We always at bracket 4,and its comfortable.


Badiator has a point that I would advanced faster… and Marshal is probably better suited for my current gaming habit. Do you have any sentinels requirements? I hate GW, but if you don’t really mind me using my pvp team I might be open to try it out…

Cymris your guild is probably better suited for long run, I probably want to join when I don’t feel to push 600+ trophies anymore.


We have no reqs about sentinals.


@Cymris I am no formalist,and I won’t make a big deal of this. But it is common courtesy that you don’t recruit people in other guilds recruitment threads :slight_smile: But then again, if @ile prefers Strategemini because he got your info in our thread, I would be happy for him :slight_smile: But, as both our GM and I have said, he would be very welcome to join us in Marshal.


Oh sorry, i apologize for that.
I’m not used to forum’s rules. Sincerely sorry.


Badiator he probably answered here, because whiskyjack from mean machine answered my thread and when I told him that I would prefer guild without GW (Mean machine has similar requirement that you have) he recommended Strategemini. After that I decided to ask here if you guys have GW requirements.

Right now I don’t really know what to do. I feel like I betray my old guild if I go for another guild with GW requirements. Like I said to them that I need to take time off from GW and then I end up to another GW guild :smiley:

For that reason I probably go to Dominant if they have room tomorrow. They have optional GW and they do 15+ LT’s so it would be best in both worlds. If they don’t have room and you still have that open spot tomorrow I might be open to try it out. I like that your guild is hardcore and every player is really active. Strategemini seems good guild, but right now it might be too “casual” 5LT is something like 500k-600k per member?. When I’m burn out to the game it might be perfect.

Btw just say if you don’t want to other guilds to be mentioned in your tread and I take guild names out or even delete this message! I would have pm this, but I need to wait 14 hours to pm next time. (New user rules)


@ile No worries, I appreciate that you share your thinking and I understand that Dominant might seem like a good fit for you. If you change your mind, just talk to @rmbman about a spot in Marshal :slight_smile:


New week coming,join us.:joy:


New week coming,join us.