Marshal is recruiting 40k seals and legendary tasks rank 12(1 spot)


You want swag, well here you are, Marshal is the place to go. Day 1 mail is full of fun, legendary trophies 1 by 1, 40k seals, done in a flash because getting trophies is where we are at. So join us in Marshal!


Welcome to join us.


We are rank 22.


Spot will open.


Spot open,join us.


Now we are rank 21.


We completed 27 legendary tasks this week.


Still looking for active player.


Recruiting became more defficult since latest latest update.


Mashal2 spot open too.


Code: SZEF
Lvl 1000+
To guild Marshal


Can you pm me,about you gold and trophy contribute this week?


No I cant. I read your requirements, so if I werent want to join I have not leaved message. Take or leave.


1 spot open,welcome join us.


I would be interested in joining. About L350 atm, but I also have a much higher level char I have retired, so I know what I am doing. I play over 8 hours a day and would make the reqs easily.



Ok,you can try.but your id not exit.


Sorry mbman I was asked to help out by one of my previous guilds


Ok,good luck.


We completed 43 legendary tasks this week.


One spot free,come on.