Make wars more visible


With the new Guild War system, as a guild master, I find myself quite troubled when I see some guildmates with high participation in trophies / seals / gold, but no participations in war AT ALL.

Turns out these people don’t come and check the chats or the forum, and I believe they don’t even know a guild war is going on.

Sadly, we can’t send private message in game (yet?), so we can’t inform them where the war is.

The first problem might be that the war tab is… Not a tab. We have to go through the “guild tab”, and instead of having a tab for war -the navigation system we are used too- there is a button instead… On a screen we usually don’t spend much time on !

I believe there should be a “War” access button from the main map, but this could require a little bit of coding (that should eventually be coded in my opinion), but a no-coding solution to warn most people still unaware about the war would be an event “pop up” in the news.

Something like “Fight in the Guild Wars to obtain this card !”, because I’m not sure people that avoid the in game chat and the forum know what’s up.



There are some limits to the amount of clutter they can put on the main menu. Lots of ideas discussed in the thread below (I’m biased so I like mine) but honestly almost anything they do would be an improvement.

Here is a link to this topic from a few days ago

Hmmm, I didn’t see this thread and I agree with your idea, I’ll upvote it.

I’m not sure how many buttons they can actually fit or not on the main screen (no problems fitting one more on my devices, but my phone is rather big).

Anyway, before asking for any feature request, what I wanted to show was the need to make wars more visible, not to improve the interface, but really so people would be aware that wars even exists.

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Your second point about allowing direct messages to other players in the mail system would go a long way in alerting players to activities. Such as: Changing requirements, collect you seals!, guild Wars have started, thanks for the keys…


Seconded. Ive noticed exactly the same problems.

Only 6 or 7 out of 30 of us participated - the same 6 or 7 that regularly use the chat.

Il leave the solution for clever people to work out. But there is certainly a lack of awareness around GW.

Well, I have it the other way around though : only 6-7 people aren’t participating at all, but then again I’m in a top 50 guild.

That wouldn’t be bothering me if these guys were just too busy and skipping guild wars because they don’t have time to, but when I see someone with contributions 3 times over the requirements but no war contribution, it’s a bit of a problem as I need to ensure the competitiveness of my guild on both fronts, Guild Wars AND contributions, but this guy is clearly able to be on both fronts !

+1. They are too hidden. Also guilds need to be auto cleaned if all members are inactive…

Agree with you.We also had one player dont player GW,but he very active,he never talk on guild chat.
I dont want to lose this player for this reason.

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@Zelarith, one thing that’s worth thinking about is the fact that the players who don’t use Guild Chat aren’t necessarily more likely to use a PM system. Some players don’t go into global or guild chat, and likely wouldn’t check PMs, purely because they’re not interested in chatting in game.

That being said we are looking into new ways of communicating and being social in game, so hopefully any future features we introduce will help.

That would vex me. We are no where near that level - Ive got a noob guild (62 days old, most members are well under 200) - but we are fairly competitive, and try our best. Still, theres only a handful of us that actually participated.

Every member in my guild is otherwise active!

Yesterday a member contacted me to apologise for his/her lack of play, saying “sorry, I’ve only just realised gw is a thing…” to paraphrase.

Point is, unless you’re obsessed and regularly hit the forums - you wouldn’t know it had even begun.

I trust they’ll work it out eventually. But given that they - the mute few, in my guild - still haven’t worked out chat yet, I don’t hold a lot of hope.

Some horses really need to be led to water.

A straw in the form of a fat-ass sign might help them to drink?

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Well, I have other games where I don’t participate much in chat, but that’s because the chat is filled with people having chit chat between members, and I don’t care about that.
I’d only read informations about guild management or message directly adressed to me if I could, but sadly I can’t filter it this way, so I’m almost never on the chat (unless I have a question).

Bottom line is that, as long as people are aware they have a private message, only adressed to them, I doubt they wouldn’t take the time to check it.

Anyway, the point of this whole post isn’t about asking for a MP system, it’s about making Guild Wars more visible as soon as possible.

Would it be possible to come up with one of those “news” pop up advertising for the war?

Not sure I understood you well, but if it’s about people not taking the time to play guild wars that would vex you, don’t worry, I’m on the same track.
What I meant though was that this wouldn’t be a problem, as i wouldn’t have a problem punishing them for their lack of commitment, whereas people unaware of the war would just be wrongly punished :wink: