Make Khetar make sense

“Here, use a team that we picked for you”. Um, ok. “Here, fight a team that dramatically overpowers you”. Um, ok. “Here, the team we picked for you wins by dealing skull damage”. Um, ok. “This team doesn’t really do any bonus skull damage”. Um, ok. “Your opponent will destroy you with skull damage”. Um, ok. “Even if you kill the enemy troops, the last troop will summon new troops”. Um, ok. “You do have a troop that will poison with skull damage, but the enemy is immune to effects”. Um, ok. “You have no good way to snipe the troops with summoning abilities”. Um. ok. Oh, I forgot “We are going to mana block your most important troop”. Um, ok.

None of this is Ok. I have been given zero tools to deal with this. I have fought this battle many times. Been as careful and methodical in my approach as I can be. I was almost going to win, and then there were 2 more Wights (3 total that battle).

I understand making the game challenging at times. But this is ridiculous. Do the Devs even know how the game works?


Yeah, this is absolutely dreadful.

I suppose it’s geared towards players that are level 3000 and have every single rubbish troop at mythic with medals, all kingdoms maxed out in every aspect, and every delve 100% completed - but even then it comes across as more of a joke than anything else. Because if you’ve played that much, you surely don’t want to be restricted in this way, and if you do, you can do so of your own free will.

Yet, it should be doable for anyone who completed all the trials. It makes no sense to have such an insane difficulty curve.

And if it was actually supposed to teach the player anything, it would let us have at least some choice.

A better variant would have been to make us use troops / class and weapon from one kingdom against another, for instance the kingdom from last week versus this week’s kingdom, and if they are worried about us using cheese troops, only let us pick troops under base mythic level, only one of each and no troops from events (so no Chalcedony etc.). I mean, at least one could say that’s teaching players to use kingdom specific teams that don’t rely on overpowered troops/tactics (though why have them in the game at all if one is not supposed to use them) - which players might actually want to do at some point.

Who’s ever going to pick a team like this - beyond testing and then instantly moving on, or possibly as an exercise in futility? LOL.


As someone who’s completely done with Delves and finished all of this weeks’ Khetar trials, I will say that this trial is harder than all but 3 of the delves. Wyrmrun because Great Wyrm is a monster, Werewoods because of how random it is, and Labyrinth because how the enemy just completely rearranges you so you end up mana blocking yourself every other turn and have to constantly change strategies.

BTW - Next week’s is going to be even worse.


The best players don’t really have much of an advantage other than a few extra stat points, which aren’t incredibly helpful due to the enemy’s insane stats. With Delves you can always upgrade your team further, but not so with these trials.


This mode is FULLY BROKEN and a TERRIBLE IDEA from jump.

Trials is Arena on aggravation steroids.

We have been VERY CLEAR about why we HATE Arena.

After all that feedback you create THIS?!?!?

You are doing a tremendous job of driving away monetized players for good.


devs are overworked, they don’t play this game :wink:
Hence it’s impossible for them to know and feel the frustration of regular players that want to chill and have fun in this game

I agree that sometimes a little challenge is welcomed, but this is absurd.

The solution for these pain points is going to be purchasable potions, like with every other event.

Just watch.

Too bad potions won’t be enough.

Normally I’d be fully on board with a “devs are overworked” argument for things not being good, but I have yet to see evidence of the devs working much at all. Every new feature is broken, or overtuned, or an attempt by them to actively work at punishing you for playing their game. In my 3 years playing the game, I have never seen any change to the game so dumb, so actively anti-playerbase, so blatantly untested, as this. And when I say never seen something so actively anti-playerbase, I’m including when they nerfed GAP rewards specifically in order to purposely punish people for progressing in their game.


Not in the way that a daily does player, no.

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If I had the team that I was fighting against 350 lvl trial would be much easier for sure.

I don’t hate Arena. I really like it. If u get bad troops just drop this Arena run and pull another team. Entry cost is minimal.

Don’t rely on skull damage. Use Crow to kill their Keeper before he can summon. Recommended team order is Apo, Bone Demon, Keeper, Crow. Don’t cast any of the first 3 troops at all (the risk of leaving skulls for enemy is too high). Clear potential Skull matches when you have to, otherwise cast Crow against their Keeper until it’s dead. You might lose Apo and Bone Demon, but that opens a space for your Keeper to summon a Wight (with luck). Assuming you can kill their Keeper first, their ability to summon a Wight if you lose a troop is negated because there are/were no open spaces. Once you’ve killed their Keeper use Wight (if you get one) and Crow to kill the rest - Sphinx, Aziris, Alastair. The extra Armor buff isn’t too much of a problem assuming you got a Wight, since his attack is stealing Life. 3x Nysha to buff Crow’s damage. You might consider medaling Wight and Crow to gold.

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This was the dumbest strategy anyone could come up with for playing any battle in this game.

And, were I higher level, had more kingdom bonuses unlocked, it might have actually worked.

I was able to take out the Keeper. I was able to prevent a single enemy Wight. I was able to take out the Sphinx, and Aziris. I was lucky enough to summon 2 of my own Wights.

Problem was . . . as soon as Crow killed each, other than Sphinx, they killed my troops with the skulls generated by Crow (I was not able to keep a Wight alive). So, it is just my Crow vs their Arizis and Alistair. I kill Arizis, creating the skulls that doomed me.

This was just one battle using your strategy. It got me so, so much closer to victory than any other strategy. And maybe if I fought this way 10 times, or 100 times, I would win. Maybe even just one more time, and I am able to keep a Wight alive long enough to finish the enemy off.

And this is just to win Epic 1.

If anyone has higher stats than I, I would recommend Bobby’s strategy.

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Not sure if you liked it or not. :laughing:

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Yeah, this - and any other - strategy only works if you can take some hits and do a decent amount of damage - and I hate to repeat myself, but it was possible to complete the previous challenges without being anywhere near having those stats. These trials assume people either never finished the challenges or are like level 2000. I don’t have any real complaints about the rest of the game, but this is just dreadful and should get binned or made so people cannot access it until they have stats remotely comparable to those of the enemies. Anything else is wasting people’s time and will drive people away, as nothing is more annoying than finding you’ve wasted an inordinate amount of time on something that’s specifically designed for you to fail, plus if people actually do waste orbs/medals on a bunch of troops they will never use again and still fail, they’ll be even more annoyed.

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I tried 4 more times. Including getting a mech gnome. The closest I got was the first fight I talked about. Like, brilliant dumb luck. After that, I could not summon a Wight. And my team just melted each time.

This is an exercise in futility. They gave me 0 tools to win and told me to win. Like giving a player Board Walk and Park Place at the beginning of a Monopoly game and expecting the rest of the players to win, but they cannot collect anything when they pass Go.

I am not going to waste my time anymore on Trials.


The Vulpacea one was dreadful, but you could win it by getting Todd Greenwood to loop. While it was annoying as hell and took many tries, it was not impossible. So it’s worth checking them out - but definitely don’t keep wasting time when it’s obvious you cannot win. Some of the troops in the Vulpacea trial were also worth buying, for those who had not yet completed the challenges and thus actually got the offer, namely Todd Greenwood and the Vulpphire Hunter (especially if you have Fenix). I don’t think any of the ones from Khetar are anything to write home about.

I did both Epic 1 and Epic 2 of Vulpacea. Didn’t see the need to really continue. At least I unlocked the pet.

Again, it is funny, that the devs “designed” Vulpacea trials so that you had to “choose” in order to win, and in all reality, all any of us did was loop Todd. That’s it. The entire strategy. Loop Todd. Did it take forever? Certainly. But it was effective.

Players don’t want to be forced into such narrow confines. We have all of these troops for a reason. It is bad enough that so many events limit the use of troops via color, race, or class. It is beyond absurd to limit troops to the point that there is 0 customization. That some dev who has obviously never played the actual game sat down, pulled 4 troops from a kingdom out of a hat and said “Well, my job here is done, time to go to lunch”. And the entire dev staff gave him/her a pat on the back as they all left for a pint or two.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! This setup worked like a charm. I was on this for the entire week and got destroyed every day. Once I set it up, I steam rolled those effers. It was glorious. If any of you guys want to pass this DREADFUL trial, use the team. It works.

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