Make Cursed Gnomes work like Pet Gnomes

If a player beats a pet gnome. At the very least they get pet food.
But also, if lucky enough, they get a vault key.
This is the brilliance of the dev who designed pet gnomes and had the awareness to realize (at the time) pet gnomes were the exclusive way to get pet food for free. (also counting the actual pet rescue for argument purpose). Unfortunately that designer was terminated or too busy working on PQ3.

Therefore, asap, please make it so players get Cursed Runes no matter what. And then if lucky enough, also get a vault key/epic vault key as an additional reward please.


Yes please.
Getting a Vault Key from a Cursed Gnome outside Gnome-a-Palooza is a slap in the face


i see your pain and pray i dont get VK from it…

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My first Cursed Gnome today gave me a Vault Key, too :frowning:

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damn, had that happen to me yesterday.

The poor fella is just living up to his name: it brings Cursed luck, and is the most Cursed At gnome of the bunch
:stuck_out_tongue: :vulcan_salute:


I will say, as a tangent, that I do think this gnome’s artwork is excellent.

Just wish I got to see it more :joy:


I believe the Cursed gnome rate was suppose to increase today…for me I think the rate went from 0.00000000001 to 0.000000000010000000001. I have not seen a Cursed gnome since yesterday. Played about 5 hours today. SMH


Do the cursed gnomes even exist? I haven’t seen one yet after hours of playing. Guild mates also complained about the low drop rate.

At a certain point you just give. I officially give up on the new soul forge levels. Way too little return on investment to bother with.



I wouldn’t mind them working in a way that the can never give keys - as long as the runes don’t get replaced I’m good.

:pray: :pray: :pray:


What about making them the explore version of pet gnomes? Someone kills one and it gives a notification to the guild that they can kill it during the next hour for some cursed runes and other resources.


No designers work on PQ3… its all rando bot nonsense. But yes bring back the guy or gal who used to do things!


I have been playing for up to 6 hours a day, and so far have seen a total of 2. Which is ridiculous. I have done more explores this week than I have in months as suggested, to no avail. The only way I got 2 was during the only 2 paloozas I had, which I thought I had read he would NOT appear in???


Seconding this motion. Even an “epic” vault key is not what I was looking forward to when it came on Thursday …


I agree. Since their rarity has seemingly reset, the least they could do is guarantee Cursed Runes from the encounter.

Hey, I mean…those Epic Vault Keys are stupidly rare so congrats on showing proof they exist?

srsly tho wtf is the deal with this game they make everything they touch turn to shit

Epic failure for devs. Introduce new cursed gnome to greatly help the new soulforge which was needed for mid to late games to advance easier. Great idea. But idea can not work if ZERO gnomes ever appear. Seen 4 during gnome event when they were not to appear. Then after Thursday they were to appear much more often. Seen ZERO since gnome event ended. Farming for hours for ZERO is not good. Fix your update


Not only are they so cursedly rare, the cursed stone drop rate is ridiculously underpowered

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